• Tery LeFebvere Digital Art

    Tery LeFebvere is a drum corps photographer and digital artist.

    Tery LeFebvere Freelance Sport Photographer based out of Clayton, NC. I primary cover Sporting events like Marching Band. 
    Born (1979) in San Juan, PR.  I am a Designed Service Manager Network engineer, working for a Fortune 500 company in Content Security. Additionally, I have studied Fine Arts, Astro photography compositing and Macro Photography. Photography, and my digital paintings  and art have heavily influenced me as an artist. This is how I became more and more involved in illustration and digital montages.

    My work can be described or best recognized for the emotional intensity that I try and capture in all my composites.  My elaborate compositions take on the complexities of emotional digital painting along with compositing by telling the moment in a story. 

    I have been doing photography for many years now but I was  introduced to the world of Marching Band, WGI and DCI 2 years ago and it has profoundly impacted the way that I approach my work. I often create dramatic composites and backgrounds of art to use with my subjects. My creative process involves designing with Affinity Photo, PS, Adobe After Effects and motion software to produce extraordinarily unique piece of art that is not commonly seen today.

    "I love to see the spirit of the performers shine through in powerful and evocative imagery. I feel that my artwork aggregates and captures the moments in ways that are not currently being afforded to the performances"

    I can be contacted @Terykeylaphotography@gmail.com 

Carolina Crown

Carolina Crown - Beast

Mandarins - Feature Dancer

Multiple Corps Composite

Multiple Corps Composite
Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment
Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment Composite