Offensive Lions

Other Names:L'Offensive de Jonquiere

Jonquiere, QUE Canada

Inactive Junior
1975 207 61.300 (Repertoire not available)  
1976 209 63.700 (Repertoire not available)  
1978 18 76.450 American Overture For Band * Spain * Concierto de Aranjuez * Blue Rondo A La Turk * Unsquare Dance * Come Take a Ride with Me * I Get Crazy * Lincoln Portrait * Fanfare for the Common Man * Piano Concerto No. 1  
1979 15 76.850 Discours D'Overture * Birdland * Song Of The New Moon * Fantasy  
1980 26 63.200 Excerpts from Carmina Burana * My Own Way to Rock * And When I Die * Fantasy  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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Sponsored by Offensive Lions De Jonquiere Inc., the corps was formed seven years ago and currently marches 128 members-64 boys and 64 girls-with an average age of 16. The Offensive Lions were 1978 Canadian Champions and placed 18th in DCI finals. Other titles include Quebec Champions (1975, 1976, 1977). Instructional staff includes:
Horns--Mark Charmichael; Drums--Michel Boulanger; Program Director and M&M--Dan Spalding; Color Guard/Rifles--Sandy Spalding; Drum Major--Gilles Morasse; Guard Captain--Sylvie Morasse. Business Manager is Robert Caisse and Corps Director is Rejean Delisle. The Offensive Lions 1979 repertoire includes "Spanish Overture," "Song of the New Moon," "Birdland," and "Fantasy."
[From the 1979 US Open Program]

Members (3)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Bergeron, Bruno Baritone 1973 to 1977
Bergeron, Bruno Marching Instructor 1978 to 1980
Grimes, Michael Drum Major / Tambour Major 1979

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Offensive Lions

Offensive Lions button from the Bob Carell Collection
Offensive Lions
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310-311, Offensive Lions from the Steve Vickers Collection


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