Knight Raiders

Other Names:Sunnyvale VFW; Golden Eagles; San Jose Raiders

San Jose, CA United States
Founded: 1971

Inactive Junior

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The Corps started out as the Sunnyvale American Legion Corps (1968), then changed the name to The Golden Eagles(1969), then to The Knight Raiders(1970-1982), and finally to The Raiders(1983-2003). The organization stopped being a Drum and Bugle Corps in 1989 and was a Color Guard until they disbanded in 2006.

[submitted by Chuck McCay III - July 2010]

Members (21)

Member Name Section Years Involved
(Martin) Billings, Kelly Soprano 1974 to 1977
Billings, Kevin Soprano 1974 to 1976
Burgoz, Ralph soprano 1983
Chavez, Yvonne Colorgaurd 1982 to 1983
DeMello, Jeff Brass Instructor 1979 to 1980
Doogan, Tom Percussion 1980
Gilman, Greg Baritone 1979
Gilmore, Anthony Snare drum 1979
Hammer, Devin Snare Drum 1974 to 1977
Kinoshita, Steve Soprano 1979 to 1983
Laub, Calvin Drove Equipment Truck 1980
Lee, Roger French Horn 1982 to 1983
Louden, Roger Contra 1977
Love, Julie Summer Color Guard 1981
Makin, Brad Bari , Sop 1975 to 1977
McCay III, Chuck Tympini 1971 to 1976
McCay, Frank Drumline (Bass drum) 1974 to 1976
Miller, Dean Soprano/French Horn 1982 to 1983
Quillen, Mike Mellophone 1972 to 1977
Richardson, Reed Baritone 1980
Souza, Gail flag and riffle 1970 to 1971

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Knight Raiders

Knight Raiders from the Bill Ives Collection
Knight Raiders

Knight Raiders from the Bill Ives Collection
Knight Raiders

San Jose Raiders from the Bill Ives Collection


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