St. Paul Scouts

Other Names:Twin City Explorers; Indianhead Scouts

St. Paul, MN United States
Founded: 1956

Inactive Junior
1957 Minnesota Rouser * God Bless America (from This Is the Army) * Post 1 March * Aida * Her They Come  
1958 Shake Rattle and Roll * Washington Post March * When the Saints Go Marching In * The Bells of St. Mary's * The Happy Whistler * The Caisson Song * Red River Valley * Jingle Bells  
1959 Theme from Giant * Standing On The Corner * Canadian Sunset * Avalon * Wagon Wheels * Stranger In Paradise * Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz) * The Ballad of Rodger Young  
1960 Perfidia * Standing On The Corner * Patricia * Sandy * Rhapsody in Blue * The Lady is a Tramp (from Babes in Arms) * Diana * Where Or When (from Babes In Arms) * Shangri-La  
1961 This Could be the Start of Something Big * America The Beautiful * Lover * Intermission Riff * Diana * Where Or When (from Babes In Arms) * Exodus Fanfare  
1962 Love Theme (from El Cid) * America the Beautiful * Two Different Worlds * Intermission Riff * Temptation * Diana * Where Or When (from Babes In Arms) * Exodus Fanfare  
1963 Love Theme (from El Cid) * Candy * Battle Cry of Freedom * Lullaby of Birdland * Stompin' At The Savoy * Temptation * Love Theme (from Mutiny On The Bounty)  
1964 Stars and Stripes Forever * Lullaby of Birdland * Gypsy Sabre Dance * Cool (from West Side Story) * Maria (from West Side Story) * Tonight (from West Side Story) * Battle Cry of Freedom * Battle Hymn of the Republic * The Moon Was Yellow (And the Night Was Young)  
1965 Love Theme (from El Cid) * Lullaby of Birdland * Gypsy Sabre Dance * Maria (from West Side Story) * Tonight (from West Side Story) * Has Anybody Seen My Girl? (Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue) * Battle Hymn of the Republic * Climb Ev'ry Mountain (from The Sound of Music) * The Sound of Music  
1966 Theme from The Big Country * The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane * Days Of Wine and Roses * Charade * It Had Better Be Tonight (from The Pink Panther) * Peter Gunn * The Sons of Katie Elder * Battle Cry of Freedom * Felicia  
1967 Stars and Stripes Forever * American Patrol * Columbia the Gem of the Ocean * Days Of Wine and Roses * Charade * It Had Better Be Tonight (from The Pink Panther) * Peter Gunn * Yankee Doodle Dandy * American Salute  
1968 Third Man Theme * Russian Sailor's Dance (from The Red Poppy) * Waterboy * American Salute * Lullaby of Birdland * Step to the Rear (from How Now, Dow Jones)  
1969 Jezebel * Hallelujah Trail * Scarborough Fair * Promises, Promises * Blues Part 2 * Hang 'em High * The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly * Shenandoah * Firebird Suite  
1970 Les Preludes * Parada Espanola * Promised Land (from How the West Was Won) * The Work Song * Anitra's Dance * The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly * Hang 'em High * Shenandoah * Finale (from the Firebird Suite)  
1971 11 77.500 Parada Espanola * Promised Land (from How the West Was Won) * Keep The Customer Satisfied * Anitra's Dance * The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly * Bridge Over Troubled Water * Shenandoah * Firebird Suite  
1972 Lieutenant Kije Suite * Dri Equali * Firebird Suite * Comin' Home Baby * Strawberry Soup * John the Baptist (Holy John) * Cowboys and Indians * Finale (from the Firebird Suite)  
1973 Finale from the Fifth Symphony in E Flat * Pilgrim's Chorus * Pussy Wiggle Stomp * Internal Dance (from the Firebird Suite) * When the Saints Go Marching In * Sunrise, Sunset (from Fiddler on the Roof)  
1974 Eleanor Rigby * America the Beautiful * Shenandoah  
1975 Eleanor Rigby * Shenandoah * Abraham, Martin and John * America the Beautiful * The Sound of Music  
1976 Philadelphia Freedom * You're a Grand Old Flag * Over There * Happy Birthday * America the Beautiful * Pictures at an Exhibition * We've Only Just Begun  
1977 224 32.000 Fanfare for a Celebration * I Wish * Sing A Song * People * Firebird Suite  
1978 Marche Slav * Original * The Long and Winding Road  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.
"St. Paul Scouts
Many people were surprised to see the great improvement of the St. Paul Scouts in 1969. Corps who had been rivals the year before were suddenly fifteen points behind and the top corps in the country only a few points ahead of them. But the change in St. Paul was not really so sudden.
The rise of the Scouts actually began in 1967 when a loss of members and instructors, piled on top of sponsor problems, threatened to fold the corps. The members took it upon themselves to form a small, close-knit unit, with each one helping the others; that became the nucleus of the corps for the season to come.
In 1968 the folding of a corps in Austin, a hundred miles to the south, brought more members to the Scouts in midseason. But more importantly, it brought Austin's horn instructor Doug Dennison, long sought-after by many corps besides St. Paul. Doug's arrangements, along with the emergence of Joe Duncan of the old "nucleus" as a top notch drum instructor, combined to give St. Paul one of the most musically sounding shows in drum corps. The loss of their M&M instructor forced the Scouts to use a stock drill last year, but Bill Maker and Tom Foe came on and did a fine job of cleaning it up.
Now, with the 1970 show almost ready, new director Sam McCormick is working to form a tight executive staff of people with drum corps experience and understanding, and is looking for new sponsors. New tymps have been purchased, and a set of new horns has been promised.
Although the hornline is hurting from the usual winter inactivity boredom, they are expected to come around as the season nears. And the drum line, together for the third year of constant practicing, may be the best in drum corps for 1970.
So don't be surprised if St. Paul becomes a power in the midwest for a long time."

[From the April 1970 issue of DCD.]

To raise money in 1963, the St. Paul Scouts mounted an original play: "My Son the Pony Express Rider; or, I Don't Know What Happened to Baby Jane."

[DCW, 6/29/90, p.2]

Members (19)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Bold, Fritz baritone 1973
Booth Eisenhauer, Renee Color Guard 1973 to 1975
Cybyske, Tom Colorguard/Baritone 1969 to 1972
Davies, Brad soprano 1957 to 1967
Hamre, Tom soprano 1973 to 1974
Howard, Rick percussion 1974 to 1978
Hueg, John Soprano 1975 to 1978
Kempenich, Joe Soprano, Contrabass, Baritones 1975 to 1978
Metzler, Chris Suprano 1972 to 1974
Pilot, Robert Sop/Bari 1974 to 1977
Setley, Doug Tenor/Brass 1957 to 1964
Setley, Scott Color Guard 1968 to 1970
Spielman, Thomas sop/bari 1964 to 1972
Spielman, Thomas Brass Instructor 1973 to 1974
swenson, fred snare line 1969 to 1974
Thompson, Steve Perc 1973 to 1977
Wagner, Mike Baritone 1974 to 1976
Weber, Glenn Soprano 1964 to 1965
Widsten, Hal Percussion/Snare 1962 to 1963

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St. Paul Scouts

St Paul Scouts from the Bill Ives Collection
St. Paul Scouts

1971 St. Paul Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps @ VFW Prelims from the Roy Perez Collection
St. Paul Scouts

1969 St. Paul Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps @ VFW Prelims from the Roy Perez Collection
St. Paul Scouts
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