American Woodmen Cadets

Other Names:Tom Powell Post #77

St. Louis, MO United States
Founded: 1935

Inactive Junior
Tom Powell American Legion Post #77 was instrumental in bringing the concept of competitive marching music to the St. Louis community through the development of the Spirit of St. Louis senior drum and bugle corps, and mentored the famed American Woodmen Cadets junior corps programs. The Tom Powell Post Junior Drum and Bugle Corps was organized ion Sept.1, 1935, to help curb juvenile delinquency in and around the neighborhood and to provide music to the Post members marching in the American Legion parade held in St. Louis, MO. 

The corps as a competitive group won many honors, including perennial Missouri State championships and placing in the top 10 of numerous national conventions. The corps was the only black corps in the country participating in the American Legion National competition.

Excerpts from Jill Tutt's "Arts and Military Connections: American Legion Tom Powell Post #77 celebrates 100 years" July 2, 2019

Members (6)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Farrell, George solo soprano 1960 to 1969
McPherson, Wallace 1st soprano 1955 to 1965
Moore, Reggie French Horn 1971 to 1976
morrow, james baritone horn 1960 to 1962
Owens , Lionel Second Baritone 1960 to 1962
Walker, Fred brass line (soprano) 1955 to 1959

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American Woodmen Cadets

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American Woodmen Cadets

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American Woodmen Cadets

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