Other Names:Northwind Rebels; Oshawa Rebels; Rebels

Oshawa, ONT Canada
Founded: 1977

Inactive Junior
Division III
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Results from final championship competition of the year
  • Position: 218
    • Position 200+ indicates Division II, DCA Class A or DCI Open Class as appropriate to the year, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 500+ indicates International Division, and Position 999 indicates position unknown
  • Score: 44.500
Repertoire for 1990
Little Shop of Horrors
Little Shop of Horrors by Alan Menken | Howard Ashman
The Meek Shall Inherit (from Little Shop of Horrors) by Alan Menken | Howard Ashman
Some Fun Now (from Little Shop of Horrors) by Alan Menken | Howard Ashman
Skid Row (Downtown) (from Little Shop of Horrors) by Alan Menken | Howard Ashman

CORPS Photos

"REBELS Oshawa, Ontario, Canada--Celebrating their 10th year of operation, the Rebels' anniversary program will step off the line with "Caravan"; "Take a Holiday" is the production number; "Sing Sing Sing" the drum solo; "Love for Sale" the concert; and the exit is "Clair's Song". The Rebels were 1986 Drum Corps North Class A Co-Champions and placed 2nd in the A-60 Class at DCI 1985."

[From the 1987 US Open Program.]

Members (11)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Bertrand, Derrick Staff 1992 to 1993
Fort, Amy (devileyez_80@hotmail Brass 1993 to 1995
Jones, Geoff Soprano/Baritone 1987 to 1992
Lockie, David drumline 1977, hornline 1978-82, drum major 1983 1977 to 1983
Lockie, David instructional staff - visual 1984 to 1992
McPhee, Dave (ANTMAN) soprano/ flugel/ baritone 1982 to 1988
Phillips, Paul Percussion 1983 to 1987
Phillips, Paul Percussion Staff 1988
Sinclair, Adam Drum Line - Tenor 1995 to 1996
Townsend, Glenn Drum Major 1984 to 1985; 1987
Townsend, Glenn Staff 1989
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