Memorial Lancers

Other Names:Prince Hall Lancers; St. Louis Lancers

St. Louis, MO United States
Founded: 1959

Inactive Junior
Division III
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The Memorial Lancers were a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in St. Louis, Missouri.

At the 1983 DCI Championships in Miami, the corps ran out of money, and were saved by a timely newspaper story and donations from St. Louis-headquartered Ralston Purina and by meals of free pizza. The corps came within 0.7 point of making Class A Finals in 1983.

Memorial Lancer were Missouri State Champion from 1967 until VFW and American discontinued sponsorship in the 1970's.

[DCW, 3/04, p.3; Eddie Smith, Sept 2007]

Additional information on founder Frank A. Harrold was submitted by Eddie Smith and can be read here.

Members (19)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Bull, Edward French Horn 1963 to 1967
Bull, Edward (Tweedy) 2nd Soprano 1960 to 1962
Cobb, Rasheeda flag 1976 to 1978
Harris, Walter DrumLine TeniorDrum 1959 to 1969
Ingram, Lamont contra bass 1975
Joyner, Dorothy Color Guard 1962 to 1969
Mason, LaMont Horn Line/Lead Soprano 1977 to 1982
Smith, Adrienne Color Guard 1996 to 1997
Stewart, Major French horne/ contra bass 1962 to 1971
VanTreece, D.K. Horn Line/guard 1971 to 1979
Warren, Caretta Soprano 1963 to 1972
Warren-Harrold, Alicia Color Guard Captain 1964 to 1971
Whitt, Tracy Baby Bass Drum 1979 to 1982
Williams, Rodney Mellophone 1964 to 1968
harrold, william drumline/Quads 1980 to 1985
warren, valerie carried amarican flag 1964 to 1971
wilson, lapall bass horn 1972 to 1979
wilson, lapall bass horn 1973; 1979 to 1980
wilson, lapall bass horn 1973 to 1974; 1979
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