Edmonton Strutters

Other Names:Wink's Strutters Drum and Bugle Band; First Canadian Regiment

Edmonton, ALB Canada
Founded: 1963

Inactive Junior
Open Class
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  • Position: 318
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  • Score: 65.100
Repertoire for 2000
Epic Strutters
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The Edmonton Strutters, also known as the 1st Canadian Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, was in existence from 1963 through 2003, and for 40 years maintained its commitment to involve the youth of Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding communities in the drum and bugle corps activity. The corps had the distinction of being DCI's northernmost member corps, making spring outdoor rehearsal challenging.

Originally the Wink Strutters Drum and Bugle Band, the group also marched under the name 1st Canadian Regiment for ten years.

In the fall of 1997, the volunteer board of the Strutters developed a plan to realign the organization to meet the changing needs of today's youth. Deep rooted philosophical changes were needed in order to ensure continued success and perhaps the corps' existence into the new millennium and beyond.

"We need to ensure that our organization is accessible and rewarding for all young people regardless of experience, physical limitations or financial status to expand our membership and refine our teaching initiatives.

"These statements must reflect our commitment to teaching performing arts and on entertaining our viewing audience."

Although the drum and bugle corps is a competitive activity, a philosophical change ensued that allowed audiences to become the judges of the Strutters' success. "Get them to their feet in applause and let our score be a byproduct of audience reaction. "

The Strutters also offered a winter corps program along the lines of 'Blast!,' entitled 'Back in Da House.'

The Edmonton Strutter Junior Corps was added in 2001 to give youth ages 7 to 13 an opportunity to share the drum corps experience, as well as learn basic music and dance skills.

In 2002, the Strutters finished 18th in DCI Division III Prelims.

In honor of their 40th anniversary in 2003, the Strutters put together a program of 'All Things Canadian.'

Percussion instructor Steve Kress set a record for the longest snare solo, at 18 hours and 7 minutes, on November 11-12, 2003. This he did in true Canadian style: outdoors.

After the 2003 season, The Edmonton Strutters merged with Allegiance Elite of Calgary to form Fusion, based in Edmonton.

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Members (11)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Cardamone, Geneva Mellophone 1988 to 1990
davis, allee front ensemble 2005
Dick, Alex Colorguard 2003
Hirsch, Dennie Brass Line 1993 to 1996
Martin, Lorraine Horns 1975
McConnell, Stephen Bass 1996
McConnell, Stephen Baritone 1997 to 2003
McConnell, Stephen Corps Director 2008 to 2009
McKinnon, Lisa Percussion 1997 to 2000
Melton, Dallas hornline 1997 to 2002
Young, Amber Color Guard 1998 to 2002

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Edmonton Strutters

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