Heat Wave

Orlando, FL United States
Founded: 1992

Inactive Senior
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Results from final championship competition of the year
  • Position: 11
  • Score: 74.200
Repertoire for 2000
"Postcards From Florida"
Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison
Fever by John Davenport | Eddie Cooley Peggy Lee - All Time Greatest Hits
Cheeseburgers & Drumsticks In The Pool Of Paradise
Reach by Gloria Estefan | Diane Warren
Oye by Gloria Estefan
Heat Wave, formed in 1992, is a senior marching and maneuvering drum corps based in Orlando, Florida.

The corps colors are orange, blue, and white.

In 2002, Heat Wave finished second in Class A DCA competition, with a score of 77.20. The group moved on to become champions of Class A in 2003.

The group appeared in a commercial for the Ontario (Canada) Lotto Commission in 2004 after catching the eye of the film's producer in the Citrus Bowl Parade the previous December. (A Canadian commercial was set in Orlando to pique viewers' imagination about what a Canadian winner might do with his Lotto windfall.)

Escaping a hurricane roaring that was drenching Orlando, Heat Wave took 17th place at DCA Prelims. Their Brazilian-themes show was called 'A Night Of Carnaval.'

[A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, 2002; DCW, 6/18/04, p.15]

Members (36)

Member Name Section Years Involved
(Kline) Sinatra, Karen soprano 1999
armstrong, john baritone 1999
Barrett, Tommy Color Guard - Rifle 2001
Barrett, Tommy Honor Guard Captain 2002
Berry, Douglas American Flag 2001
Berry, Eric Soprano 2 2001 to 2002
Blackmon, David Baritone 2002
DeBoard, Christopher Guard 2004 to 2005
Frazier, Grant Trumpet 2005 to 2007
Freedman, Benjamin Percussion 2003 to 2004
Gillespie, Jim Mello 1997 to 2002
Gillespie, Jim Mellophone 1997 to 2003
Hall, Keith Brass Caption Head 2002 to 2003
Hall, Keith Staff 2003 to 2005
Johns, Brian Contra 1997
Johnson, John Soprano/DM 2000
Kulinski Jr, Vic Snare/DM/Instructor/Director 1992 to 2002
Kuzma, GM Alto 2000 to 2001
Labetti, Lou Contra 2003 to 2006
McBurney, David Baritone 1992 to 2002
mcswain, lamar 9all star corps-citrus bowl parade)soprano 1999 to 2001
Pisani, Ben Precussion/Bass 2001 to 2002
Rosa, Jonathan Mellophone 2004
Saidi, Marwan Contra 2004
Saidi, Marwan Contra 2004
scala, jason gaurd and pit 1998 to 2001
Schaumann, Derek Drumline 1994 to 1996
Serkin, Jeremy Soprano 1993 to 1994
Simpson, Steven Baritone 2003
Smith, Dave Drumline 1992
Smith, Robert Soprano 2001 to 2004
Smith, Robert Soprano 2002 to 2004
smith, steve Snare, Pit 2001
Trask, Charlie Baritone 1989 to 1990
Trask, Charlie Color Guard 1991 to 1992
Walch, Chris Contra 2004

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Heat Wave

Heat Wave Bumper Sticker from the Bill Ives Collection