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Beatrix, a marching and maneuvering corps from Hilversum, Holland, has been around in some form or other since 1946. It was named for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at the end of World War II. At first a pipe and drum corps, the group became definitively a drum corps in 1983.

The corps has been Netherlands national champions at least four times, and has won German Open and All-Europe titles as well. In 2003 the corps won the first KNFM Championships, essentially the championship of Holland, by a crushing 20 points.

The corps holds concerts annually in honor of Queen's Day, the birthday of Queen Beatrix.

Beatrix has toured the United States six times, the first time in 1975 and most recently in 2004, participating in the Summer Music Games in Denver. They finished tenth that year in Division II Prelims, with a score of 81.625.

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Members (15)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Beckers, Tineke Trumpet 1980
Beckers, Tineke Trombone 1981
Beckers, Tineke baritone 1982 to 1985
Beckers, Tineke Euphonium 1986
Beckers, Tineke Baritone 1987 to 1990
Doop, Paul Arranger/Programcoordinator 1996 to 2012
Tempert, Michiel Soprano 2003 to 2004
Weichler, Chris Brass "Contra" 1982 to 1984
de Jongh, Chris Soprano/Trumpet 2006
de Jongh, Christian Soprano/Trumpet 2005
de Lange, Marijke guard/ front-ensemble 1994 to 2007
van Koningshoven, Rob Brass (bariton/contra) 1979 to 1983
van Koningshoven, Rob M&M instructor / show design/ board member 1984 to 1989
van Maanen, Ronald Bariton 1984 to 1990
van der Werf, Melvin Baritone 2014

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Beatrix 9 from the Bill Ives Collection

Beatrix from the Bill Ives Collection

Beatrix Hilversum NL-1 from the Bill Ives Collection

Beatrix Hilversum NL-2 from the Bill Ives Collection

Beatrix Hilversum NL-5 from the Bill Ives Collection

Beatrix Hilversum NL-6 from the Bill Ives Collection

1999 Beatrix Celtic Dances from the Chris Maher Collection

1990 Beatrix Championship Poster from the Steve Vickers Collection