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Toronto, ONT Canada

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Repertoire for 1960
Fools Rush In by Rube Bloom | Johnny Mercer America Swings: The Great Harry James
That's Entertainment by Arthur Schwartz | Howard Dietz Judy Garland That's Entertainment
The Greatest Show On Earth by Victor Young | Ned Washington
Be A Clown by Nacio Herb Brown
Man On The Flying Trapeze by Gaston Lyle
Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington Ulee's Gold - Movie Soundtrack
Take the 'A' Train by Billy Strayhorn Duke Ellington 2 CD Set
Beer Barrel Polka by Wladimir A Timm The Andrews Sisters
Bye Bye Blues by Fred Hamm | Dave Bennett | Bert Lown | Chauncey Gray Les Paul & Mary Ford - All-Time Greatest Hits
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To by Cole Porter Radio Days - Movie Soundtrack

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The Jolly Jesters was a senior marching and maneuvering drum corps based in Toronto, Ontario. The corps was founded by Ted Reilly in 1957. World Drum Corps Hall of Famer Vince Macciocchi came on board in 1960.

The corps grew out of the Fifth Column Army Service Corps. In 1956 this group was invited to participate in a four-week competition sponsored by the Toronto Argonaut Football Club. To avoid conflict with union and army regulations, the corps rented clown costumes for this appearance and adopted the name "Jolly Jesters." To their surprise, the name/costume and show caught on. The corps decided that they would appear the following year in the clown uniforms. In 1957 the corps appeared in red and white satin clown uniforms, but the drum major/director Ted Riley dressed as a comical tramp.

In 1960, however, the corps moved on from the clown motif and donned dress blues. The corps' name changed to "The Jesters" at that time.

The Jesters merged with the Viscounts of Hamilton to form the Canadian Commanders in 1963.

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Members (1)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Tarasco, Vince Baritone 1956 to 1958

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Jolly Jesters

Jolly Jesters Overseas Cap from the Bill Ives Collection
Jolly Jesters

Jolly Jesters Overseas Cap from the Bill Ives Collection


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