Night Storm

Pittsburgh, PA United States
Founded: 2000

Inactive Senior
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Results from final championship competition of the year
  • Position: 205
    • Position 200+ indicates Division II, DCA Class A or DCI Open Class as appropriate to the year, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 500+ indicates International Division, and Position 999 indicates position unknown
  • Score: 60.900
Repertoire for 2000
Fanfare (from Ballet Sucre) by David Holsinger
Tapestry I by David Holsinger
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss by David Holsinger The Symphonic Works of David Holsinger Vol 1/2
Tapestry III by David Holsinger
Battle Music by David Holsinger

CORPS Photos

Allegheny NightStorm, formed in 2000, is a senior marching and maneuvering corps based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2001 DCA Class A Prelim competition, the corps finished fourth.

In 2002, NightStorm became sponsored by the General Butler Vagabond drum corps organization. Their show featured movements of Dvorak's "New World Symphony," performed by the membership of about 25. The corps finished 16th in DCA open competition.

The corps colors are black and white, with a jagged thunderbolt emblem.

[; A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, 2002]

Members (11)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Anderson, Kyle Drumline 2000
Beatty, Bob Mellophone 00, 01, 02 - Asst Dir 02 2000 to 2002
Detec, Jason Percussion 2001 to 2002
Detwiler, Tom Mellophone 2000 to 2001
Fontana, Matt Quints, Bassline (#2) 2000 to 2002
Henley, Scott Colorguard 2002
knapp, lloyd r. staff 1998
Michel, Kristin Color Guard 2002
Street, Adam N. Percussion arr. 2000
Street, Adam N. baritone 2001
Street, Adam N. percussion arr 2002
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