Other Names:Guardsmen Cadets (1992)

Schaumburg, IL United States
Founded: 1961

Inactive Junior
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Results from final championship competition of the year
  • Position: 312
    • Position 200+ indicates Division II, DCA Class A or DCI Open Class as appropriate to the year, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 500+ indicates International Division, and Position 999 indicates position unknown
  • Score: 60.900
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The Guardsmen was a junior marching and maneuvering corps, based in Schaumburg, Illinois. The corps was formed in 1961.

Active in DCI, the Guardsmen's best finish was seventh place in Finals competition in 1979. They continued to compete as late as 1994. The corps holds the distinction of achieving the biggest jump in standings from one year to the next, from 31st to 12th from 1975 to 1976.

The Guardsmen was actually one of the most widely seen drum corps in history, because they appeared in a 1975 television commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The spot showed a family enjoying the Colonel's best at a picnic table in a park when over the hill behind them came a drum corps, horns, percussion and guard strutting across a grass lawn without benefit of yardlines. This commercial was the first time some viewers had ever seen sideways marching, or a piccolo in a drum corps. The Cavaliers were originally lined up for that commercial, but the Guardsmen stole their place because they had the KFC colors of orange, black, and white. (The inpossibly high shakos for which the corps became known later did not appear until 1977 or 1978.)

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Members (57)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Becker, Brent Soprano 1992 to 1993
Bradley, Jean Color Guard 1981
Callaway, Blair Baritone 1982
Davidson, Jerry Brass Instructor 1976 to 1978
Deneen, Cathy soprano/mellophone 1975 to 1977
Douglas, Brantley Contra Bass 1981
Edling, Craig Baritone / Euphonium 1978 to 1982
Evans, Steve Drum Line (Bass) 1978 to 1979
Foster, Jim Baritone 1978 to 1979
Frog, GW Miscellaneous Staff 1988 to 1990
Fry, Penny Drum Line 1982
Garrett, Gene snare 1978 to 1979
Golden, Terri French horn 1976 to 1978
Haliotis, John Baritone 1987
Haliotis, John Brass Instructor (Cadets) 1988 to 1990
Hill, Mark Horn Line 1973 to 1979
Knob, Steve French Horn 1978 to 1979
Kogan, Lea Guard, Drum line, Drum Major, Pit 1987 to 1993
Kolle, Michael Baritone 1975 to 1977
Leddin, G. Patrick Horn Line 1988
Leddin, G. Patrick Horn Line 1988
Leddin, Gene Horn Line 1986
Leddin, Gene Horn Line 1986
MALARICH, BLAINE Barritone 1976 to 1979
Mallon, John J. Pit Instructor 1987 to 1988
Mann, Jon Contra bass 1979 to 1981
Margraf, Mike Brass Caption Head 1994 to 1995
McCoy, Christi Color Guard, Baritone 1986 to 1987
McCoy, Scott Snare (Guardsmen Cadets) 1986
McCoy, Scott Quads (Guardsmen Cadets) 1987
McLendon, Richard Tenor Tech 1977
McMULLEN, DEBBIE guard/cymbals 1978 to 1979
Myers, Beth rifle/soprano/french horn 1972 to 1977
Myers, Kathy French Horn 1972 to 1978
Peck, Cathy bugle 1968 to 1973
Persaud, Adam Drum Line 1983 to 1985
Persaud, Adam Drum Major 1986
Pierce, David Soprano/French Horn/Drum Major 1981 to 1985
Presley, Wade Baritone 1980
Rutledge, DeMitt Drum Line (Snare) 1988
Schmitt, JoAnne Color Guard 1980 to 1981
Schmitt, JoAnne Winter Guard 1984 to 1985
Scholl, Gerri Guard 1981 to 1982
Selinsky, Gayle Color Guard 1972 to 1977
Short, Jim Brass Staff 1989
Stoodley, Gary Soprano 1980
Sturm, Eileen Guard 1982
Taylor, Patricia Drum line 1966 to 1971
Taylor, Patricia Drum Major 1973 to 1974
Triplett, Paul Melophone 1975
Warren, W. Dale Euphonium 1977 to 1979
Wayne, Fat Contra Bass 1968 to 1976
Weaver, Brian Soprano 1980
Winters, Matthew Drum Line (Bass) 1989
Wood, Nancy Flag 1979
Woods, Gene Baritone 1977 to 1979
kogan, nikki guard 1992 to 1994

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Guardsmen Schaumburg from the Bill Ives Collection

Guardsmen mid 1970s from the Bill Ives Collection Contributed by George Growcott
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262-263, Guardsmen from the Steve Vickers Collection


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