Magic of Orlando

Other Names:The Magic; Micro Magic

Orlando, FL United States
Founded: 1989

Inactive Junior
Division I
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Results from final championship competition of the year
  • Position: 16
  • Score: 83.000
Repertoire for 1990
Walt Disney's Fantasia
Fantasia by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Bach, Johann Sebastian by Johann Sebastian Bach Canadian Brass Greatest Hits
Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky Modest Mussorgsky - LaserLight 14 012
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert Music for a Wedding - Allegretto - #8033 ASIN: B000001K9U
Magic of Orlando, formed in 1989, is a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Clermont, Florida. The group was designated official musical ambassadors of the City of Orlando, their natal home, in 1990.

The corps' premier performance was a big one, when they marched in Walt Disney World's Easter Parade in front of thousands of spectators. Magic’s first DCI appearance, featuring music from 'Fantasia' and sporting silver and black uniforms, was in 1990, when they finished 16th. The corps broke into Finals for the first time in 1994 featuring 'Cirque de Magique,' and reached an eighth place finished in 1996, with 'Twelve Seconds to the Moon.'

The Cirque du Soleil theme stood Magic in good stead when they played it in an episode of the German television program 'Dreamboat' (think 'Loveboat') being filmed at nearby Cypress Gardens in Florida.

Financial problems kept the full corps from fielding in 2000 and 2001, but a smaller show group, Micro Magic, traveled and entertained as far as Japan.

Under director Rod Owens, Magic returned to Division II competition in 2002, with music from 'The Wind and the Lion.' The corps won the Division II Championships with a record high score of 99.05, then completed their comeback year with an 11th place finish in Division I Finals. Not only that, the corps won 29 straight contests, more than any corps in history. This streak contrasts nicely with Magic's 1992 streak, in which they finished last in 14 straight contests. Competing exclusively in Division I in 2003, the 120-member Magic finished the year in their home city in 11th place with a program called 'Silver Voices.'

Debt forced a reorganization of the corps' business structure after the 2003 season, necessitating a move to Clermont, Florida, and new leadership. Famed Caballeros drum major Jim Russo and John Campese became executive directors in late 2003, and the corps' new bingo facility opened a couple of months thereafter. A rousing show of 'The Pirates of the Caribbean,' featuring water effects, failed to lift Magic's competitive fortunes, as the corps fell out of the top twelve into 17th place in DCI Semifinals in 2004.

Magic’s mission statement reads, “The Magic of Orlando is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational arts program dedicated to providing the youth of today with the means to develop life skills, character building, and foster teamwork, while cultivating the talents of tomorrow’s leaders. This is accomplished through professional instruction, education, esprit-de-corps, and the pursuit of excellence from some of the world’s finest youth.”

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Members (84)

Member Name Section Years Involved
!!!", "Spanky Contrabass 1997
Alcantar, Alex Quads 2005
Alia, Stephen Soprano 1992
Andujar, Colleen Colorguard 2006
Aust, Catherine color guard 2005 to 2006
Benyola, Jared Contra 2006 to 2007
Best, Benton Trumpet 2004
Cano, Jesse Baritone 2004
Castricone, Daniel Contra 2002 to 2003
Chowning, Matt Mellophone 2002 to 2003
Clark, Mike Bassline 1998 to 2000
Cook, Brian Brass Staff 1990
Davis, Kyle Quad Line 2003
Dawson, James Soprano 1995
DeMaso, Brian Euph 2004
Devitt, Kevin Baritone 2003
Diedrich, Douglas cymbals 2006
Diehl, Jason "JD" Mellophone 1995 to 1998
Dudley, Erik Cymbal Line 1998 to 1999
Ferland, Kyle Baritone 2002 to 2004
Filler, Jessika Baritone 2004
Foell, Chuck Soprano 1990
Foley, James 'Axel' Lead Soprano, Mellophone 1997 to 1998
Fox, Eric front ensemble 2003
Fullilove, Gerrod Contra 1995
Guest, Michelle Mellophone 2005
Hall, Shelly Baritone 1999
Hernandez, Gregorio Baritone 2002
Hine, Nate Baritone 2002
Hodges, Tommy Baritone 2002
Janitor, Frank Baritone Bugle 1996
Janitor, Frank Soprano Bugle 1994
Jerabek, Keegan Trumpet 2004
Keech, Darrell Staff 1997
Klotz, Cathy ColorGuard 1997; 1999; 2001
Knight, Teal Snare 2006
Kuzma, GM Administrative Staff 2000 to 2001
Ledford, Liza Pit 2004 to 2005
Lindsey, Chase Baritone 2001 to 2002
Lopez, Alicia Colorguard 2002
Malawskey, Shawna Guard 2004 to 2005
Marks, Chris Mellophone 2003
Marsden, Randy Mellophones 2005
McClure, Joe baritone 1997
Meadows, Sarah Front Ensemble 1997
Mendel, Matt Snareline 2002
Montalvo, Stephen Front Ensemble 2003
Murtha, Maureen Mellophone 2006
Namislo, Christopher Baritone 2004
Namislo, Christopher Contrabass 2005
Newman, James DIRECTOR 2004 to 2005
Nunes, Jason Contra Bass 2003
Odum, Erin Guard 2002 to 2003
Peacock, Nicole Guard 2004 to 2005
Pennica, Derek Bus Driver 2004
Ramos, Pedro Sop/Trumpet 2004 to 2005
Rice, Micah Guard 2002
Riegle, Nicole Sop/Trumpet 2003 to 2004
Saul, Ryan Snare 1998
Schirripa, Jason Tenor line 2005
Schlesinger, 11 Color Guard 1995 to 1996
Schlossman, Nick baritone 2004
Serkin, Jeremy Mellophone 1997 to 1998
Sigona, John Tuba 2002
Sirmeyer, Ryan Trumpet 2004
Smith, Lee Baritone 1995; 1997
Smith, Michaela pit 2003
Spielman, Matthew Baritone 2004
Stepson, Steven mellophone 1994
Stoker, Tony Color Guard 1992
Stone, Aaron Contra/Baritone 1995 to 1998
Thober, Tim Contra 2006
Tibbitts, Virginia Baritone 1999 to 2000; 2002
Underwood, Damon Baritone 1991
Velazquez, David Contra 2006
Villarreal, Ram drumline(quads) 2002
Wekarski, Adam Baritone 2002
Wichowski (-Hill), Lisa Mary brass 1990
Williams, Tom Brass/Contra 1999 to 2000
Willis, Jeffrey percussion 1994 to 1999
del Rivero, Tony Staff 2004
gary, justin aka red beard Baritone 2004
von Behren, David cymbal line 2006
wheeler/baker, jessica/cameron Brass 2002

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Magic of Orlando

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