Other Names:Formerly from Montgomery, AL and Lexington, KY

Mobile, AL United States
Founded: 1980

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Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps is an Open Class junior field competition corps based in Mobile, Alabama.

The year was 1980. In Montgomery, Alabama, half a dozen high school students wanted to be in a local drum corps. Since none existed, they founded Southwind after setting up a non-profit organization and getting a charter as Explorer Post 2009 from the local Boy Scout council, The Chicago-to-Miami passenger train known as, "The South Wind" passed through Montgomery right beside the corps' practice field, so they adopted the name for their corps. .. From their Montgomery base, Southwind took part in Drum Corps International (DCI) competition in 1981 and 1982 before going inactive for seven years.

In 1989, with newly organized backing, the corps began to compete in Class A-60, then Class A contests. Southwind won the DCI Class A World Championship in 1991, and in 1992, the corps defended its title by winning the renamed DCI Division II World Championship.

By 1997, though financially secure and still attracting a sizable membership, it was becoming difficult for the small nucleus of boosters and management to keep the corps operating effectively. That same year, several members of the Madison Scouts' design team wrote for and advised Southwind, thus starting an important relationship between the corps. In the fall of 1997, Southwind Director Dave Bryan, who has been a part of Southwind from the beginning, approached Madison's Scott Stewart about taking over management and direction of the corps. The newly formed liaison made Southwind a part of the Madison Drum & Bugle Corps Association.

Southwind sat out the 1998 season and moved their base of operations to Lexington, Kentucky. The move north allowed Southwind to participate in DCI Midwest, to be closer to their parent organization in Wisconsin, and to draw on strong music programs in the surrounding states. As one of three corps within the Madison organization, Soutwind placed 15th, 13th, 15th, and 18th at DCI.

In 2002, the Madison Scouts dropped to 14th place--- the first time the corps had missed DCI Finals since also placing 14th at the inaugural Championships in 1972. Reorganizing after the season, the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association separated itself from both Southwind and Capitol Sound Drum and Bugle Corps of Madison. After having moved away from its financial base in Montgomery, Southwind now found itself also without the additional personnel base the short-lived merger had provided. Once more independent, Southwind formed the Bluegrass Youth Performance Corporation as a sponsoring organization.

Souhwind received a stern lesson in the financial realities of drum corps in July of 2004 when a bus, essential to keeping the corps on the road, blew an engine. The $15,000 replacement cost could have been enough to bankrupt the corps and end its life. That was but one of the financial realities faced as the corps continued as a large, well-respected, but second-tier, Division I corps. However, as the Great Recession got underway in 2007, the economic conditions led the corps to another period of inactivity

In 2011, control of the Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps was taken over by the Southwind Alumni Association, Inc. The group spent 2011 through 2013 in rebuilding the organization, raising funds, and searching for sponsors to help return the corps to the competition field. Along with everthing else, they also returned the corps to Alabama, relocating it in the Mobile area.

In November and December 2013, Southwind held its first recruitment and audition camps since leaving the field in 2007. In 2014 the organization fielded a 50-member SoundSport team competing against other SoundSport teams and performing in exhibition at some DCI shows as a route to reentering DCI competition in 2015.

In early May 2015, DCI approved Southwind's return as an active Open Class corps. That year, the corps appeared in five shows in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi and followed up with six contests in 2016.

In 2017, Southwind competed in a dozen contests in eight states, and the corps returned to the DCI Open Class Championships and DCI World Championships for the first time since 2007, placing ninth in Open Class semifinals and 31st in World Class prelims.

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Members (169)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Abdon, Brandon Visual/Administrative Staff 2004
Adkisson, David Percussion 1993 to 1995
Ainsworth, Heather Mellophone 2001
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano 1996
Ainsworth, Shane Soprano 1996
Arnold, Mackenzie mellophone 1999 to 2000
Barrentine, Jacob Baritone 2016 to 2017
Barrow, Dean Contra 1982
Basso, Jeremy Baritone 2000 to 2001
Beasley-Paris, Laura charter member-color guard-captain 1980 to 1981
Bedingfield, Lindsey Baritone 2005 to 2008
Benson, Danny Soprano 2001 to 2002
Bertram, Daniel Color Guard 2005
Blezinger, Drew Front Ensemble 2004 to 2005
Brandenburg, Taylor Contrabass 2005
Brewer, Johnny Mellophone 1992
Brock, David Baritone 2007
Brough, Alex Euphonium 2003 to 2005
Bruegger, Robb Cymbals 2004 to 2005
Byrne, Brendan mellophone 2002
Campos, Chris Brass/ContraBass 1994 to 1995
Campos, Paco Contra 1994 to 1995
Carter, Erica Sop 1996
Carter, Scott Baritone 1993 to 2003
Carter, Steve Percussion Staff/Marimba 1981 to 1983
Cates, Tracy Mellophone 2001
Chaffin, George Bass 3 2004
Chaffin, George Bass 3 2004
Christopher, Emily Soprano 2002 to 2003
Christopher, Emily Soprano 2002 to 2003
Claytor, Hiram baritone 1991 to 1992
Collier, Christy Mellophone 2000 to 2005
Cook, Megan Color Guard 2003 to 2005
Cowell, Brian Soprano-line 2000 to 2004
Cramlet, Nikki Soprano 2003
Davis, Adam Baritone 1994 to 1996
Davis, Jason Soprano 1991 to 1992
DeFerraro, John Front Ensemble 2004
Dittrich, Andy Snare 2004
Dixon, Edward Contra 2004
Doyle, Colleen mellophone 2000
Duke, Catherine Cymbals 2002
Duke, Catherine Frontline 2003
Duke, Catherine Cymbals 2002
Duke, Catherine Frontline 2003
Durbin, Lee Contra 2006
Elrod, Brian French Horn 1981 to 1983
Faison, Tyler Baritone 2002
Fischer, Brian Baritone 2001
Flannigan, Neil front ensemble 2004 to 2006
Fulkerson, Jordan Soprano 2005
Gagaza, J.P. Tenors 2007
Gardner, Jessica colorguard 1999 to 2000
Geis, Kevin Snare 2005
Ghantous, Daniel Cymbals 2005 to 2006
Gipson, Derek soprano 1992 to 1993
Glueck, Zach Baritone 2002 to 2003
Goldberg, Jeremy Soprano 2000 to 2001
Goldberg, Jeremy Soprano 2000 to 2001
Goltz, Derek Front Ensemble 2004 to 2007
Gross, Brandon Baritone 2004
Gross, Brandon Baritone 2004; 2006
Hanzelka, Mike Euphonium 2003 to 2004
Harmsen, Bryan Battery - Tenors 2001
Harmsen, Bryan Tenors 2001 to 2002
Hawley, Brooke Mellophone 1999 to 2000
Hayes, Anastasia Soprano 1991
Hendry, Adam Contrabass 2002 to 2003
Henshaw, Jen Guard/Flag 2002
Hernandez, Tony Soprano 1999
Hobson, Bryan Guard 1982
Holderby, Daniel Cook Crew 2005
Holderby, Danny Support 2005
Huff, Ken Contra 1980 to 1982
Hyatt, Anna pit percussion 1999
Jackson, Mike Cymbals, Bass drum 1992 to 1994
Jenkins, Amanda Soprano 2005 to 2006
Jones, Keegan Soprano 2004 to 2005
Jones, Matt Euphonium 2004
Kessel, Jennifer colorguard 2002
King, Jamie Soprano 1992 to 1994
Korra, Lisa Colorguard 2000 to 2002
Korra, Lisa Colorguard 2000 to 2002
Kuy, Vania Soprano 1994 to 1997
Laffoon, Ray pit-marimba 2000 to 2001
Lavelle, John Contra 2000
Lilliefors, Erin Contra 2004 to 2007
Little, Matt Snare 1994 to 1995
Longfield, Heather Colorguard 2002 to 2004
MacNaughton, Cathy Front ensemble 1990 to 1992; 1994
McCawley, Lauren front ensemble 2001; 2003
McCawley, Lauren cymbals 2002
McCawley, Lauren drum major 2004
McGuire, Mark Snare 1982
Merritt, Kevin Drumline 1995
Mickley, James Trumpet 2007
Miller, Joey Contra 2002 to 2003
Mills, Jennie Mellophone 1995 to 2001
Mills, Jennie Brass Staff 2002
Mills, Robbie Bass Drums 2013 to 2014
Moody, Tristan Frontline 2002 to 2003
Mooney, Christopher Mellophone 1996 to 1997
Moore, Keith Contra 1993
Moorman, Jeff Brass 1999 to 2001
Nelson, Bethany Support Staff 1999 to 2000
Norrgard, Zoe Colorguard 2002 to 2003
O'Brien, Trevor Mellophone 2006
O'Shields, Elizabeth Baritone 2000 to 2001
Owen, Allison Asst. Conductor 2005
Owen, Blake Quads 1983
Palumbo, Katie colorguard 2003 to 2005
Parker, Ben Contra 2007
Parsons, Susan Mellophone 1999 to 2001
Patrick, Charlie Soprano 1999 to 2000
Payne, Brian Contra 1989 to 1990
Peel, Bernie Driver 1998 to 2000
Radford, Nick Sop/Trumpet 2005 to 2010
Randall, Julie Colorguard 2001; 2004
Rayburn, Rachel Colorguard 2004
Reed, Kevin Soprano 1999
Reichardt, Matt Soprano/Mellophone 2002 to 2003
Reitenbach, Neil Snareline 2004
Restivo, Maggie Colorgaurd 2004 to 2006
Robinson, Ben Mellophone 2004
Romo, Angela Colorguard 2004
Romo, Angela color guard 2003
Romo, Jelly Colorguard 2003
Ryles, G. Ron Drum Major/Baritone 1992; 1994
Ryles, Ron Baritone 1992
Ryles, Ron Drum Major 1994
Sanchez, Damion Instructor-Bass Line 2000
Saputo, Joseph Mellophone 2006
Saputo, Joseph Mellophone 2006
Schwartz, Andy Baritone 1999 to 2001
Seidling, patrick director 1998 to 2000
Sersion, Andrew Euphonium 2005
Shernoff, Alex Sop and Mello 2002 to 2003
Simpson, Steven Euphonium 2004 to 2005
South, Christopher Baritone 1994
Stephenson, Alison Mellophone 2002 to 2003
Stephenson, Alison Tour Manager 2004 to 2005
Stewart, Josh soprano 2002
Stidham, Dace Pit 1989 to 1990
Stoeckel, Andy Frontline 2004 to 2005
Stringfield, Jason Baritone 2004 to 2006
Terry, Michael D Founder/Executive Director 1980 to 1981
Terry, Michael D Support 1982 to 1997
Terry, Michael D. Founder/Director, Admin/Support 1980 to 1997
Terry, Michael D. Founder; Volunteer Admin/Support 2014 to 2055
Terry, Michael P. Volunteer 1991 to 1997
Terry, Patty Volunteer 1983 to 1997
Tharp, Mike Euphonium 1999 to 2002
Tharp, Mike Baritone/Euphonium 1999 to 2003
Vaughn, Susan Colorguard 1996
Verburg, Matt Snare 1999 to 2003
Weber, Kurt Baritone 2004
Wheeler, Eric mellophone 2003 to 2006
White, Mike Frontline 2005 to 2006
Williams, Austin Front Ensemble-Timpani 2001
Williamson, Brad Baritone 1999
Wilson, Michael Mellophone 1995 to 1997
Wood, Steve Low Brass Tech 2005
Wright, Rachel Mellophone 2001
Zeiss, Tim Contra 2004
Zimmerman, Diana mellophone 2004
bielat, marjorie front line/drum major 1999 to 2002
castle, angie colorguard 2004 to 2005
hutcherson, jamie contra bass 1981
vaughn, eric battery 1993 to 1996

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