Eau Claire Boys

Eau Claire, WI United States
Founded: 1953

Inactive Junior
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Repertoire for 1960
Giant by Dimitri Tiomkin
Kiss Them for Me by Carroll Coates | Lionel Newman
Powerhouse by Raymond Scott
Funiculi, Funicula by Luigi Denza | Peppino Turco VA-Swingin' The Classics Swingin' The Classics
Little Drummer Boy by Katherine Kennicott Davis
Round and Round by Joe Shapiro | Lou Stallman
New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak Dvorak: New World Symphony - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Quintessence P4C 7001
The Eau Claire Boys was a junior marching and maneuvering and parade corps based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Walter E. Brown founded a Boy Scout Band in 1952, which became the Eau Claire Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps about 1957 and eventually the all-male Eau Claire Boys. The group was self sponsored and affiliated with the VFW and American Legion.

The Boys required that all of its membership come from Eau Claire, a condition that ultimately limited recruiting opportunities.

The corps’ colors were black and white. The uniform and marching style, featuring short shorts, short-sleeve shirts, knee socks, and high arm swing, were influenced by the very popular Canadian Scout House.

The Boys sponsored a contest annually in September, the Drums on the Chippewa.

The corps became coed with a huge guard in 1970, and eventually become the coed Sundowners.

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Members (13)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Ausman, Mike Color Guard 1966 to 1969
Brimmer, Steve Drum Line (Rudimental Bass) 1965 to 1967
Duesterbeck, Wayne drum 1959 to 1965
Fenske, Bob (Fearless) Soparanos 1966 to 1970
LIndberg, Michael soprano 1960 to 1967
Lindberg, Mike Percussion 1959 to 1960
Lindberg, Mike Soprano 1961 to 1966
Lindberg, Mike French Horn 1967
Marx, David Percussion 1967 to 1968
Peeso, Patrick color guard 1969
Volkman, Dave Single Tenor 1970
Weber, Glenn Soprano 1960 to 1963
Werlein, Mark Brass/Percussion 1966 to 1969

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Eau Claire Boys

Eau Claire Boys Jacket from the Bill Ives Collection
Eau Claire Boys

Eau Claire Boys Jacket from the Bill Ives Collection