Cleveland Caballeros

Other Names:Buckeyes

Cleveland, OH United States
Founded: 1964

Inactive Junior
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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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"The Caballaros, a newly formed Drum & Bugle corps in Ohio, recently joined the Midwest Conference. The Ohio group spells "Caballaro" with an "A" and are not related to the Hawthorne group.
The Caballaros draw talent from twelve cities and towns including Greater Cleveland Akron and Cuyahoga Falls and are headquartered in Parma, Ohio. They are sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2300, Willoughby, Ohio, and the Halle American Legion Post 624 in Cleveland.
Competition is not new to the Caballaros who got their start seven years ago as a majorette and drum corps. By 1962, the corps had risen to second place in the United States Twirling Association's Natinal Contest held in Grand Rapids, Mich. Their black and red Spanish-Style uniforms, Latin rhythms and distinctive marching precision were familiar to parade lovers throughout northeastern Ohio. They also appeared in Holland, Mich., Indiana, Penn., and in 1963 received an invitation to participate in the Grape and Wine Festival parade in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Collectively, corps members, including baton twirlers, held over 800 trophies and medals and 49 Grand Championships.
1n 1964, the Caballaros expanded into a full-fledged drum and bugle corps, but still retained their twirling corps. For exhibitions, the two corps combined.
When the 1965 season opens, the Caballaros will come off the line with 32 bugles, nine drummers, and an 18 unit color guard. They open with Entrance to a Bull Fight. Other selections include El Cid, Conquest, and Flamingo. In the Greater Cleveland area it's "Go Go Caballaro."
The CABALLERO directors are: Jerry Bachman,Bugles; Jeanne Bachman, twirling; John Tudhope, and Bob Collins, drums; Bill Bush, marching and maneuvering; Delores Torrado and Kal Roe, color guard. Delores is also Captain. James Wedge, music arranger. Diane Jagger and Sandy Ranftl, Drum Majors."

[From the Feb 1965 issue of DCW ]

Members (4)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Keys, Corkie Color Guard Instructor 1982
Muslusky, Richard Baritone 1967 to 1974
Stohs, Tim soprano 1964 to 1969
Widdersheim, Keith Baritone 1975 to 1976
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