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Corps Name Year Song Composer
Norwood Park Imperials 1967 Steal Wool (drum solo)
Kiltie Kadets 1971 The 96 drum solo
Velvet Knights 1973 Frankenstein (drum solo) Edgar Winter
Defenders 1974 Frankenstein (drum solo) Edgar Winter
Skyliners 1974 (Drum Solo)
Skyliners 1974 (Drum Solo)
Erie Thunderbirds 1977 (Drum Solo)
Long Island Sunrisers 1977 Dance Of The Wind-Up Toy (drum solo) Chuck Mangione
Hawthorne Caballeros 1978 Land of Make Believe (Drum Solo) Chuck Mangione
Hawthorne Caballeros 1978 Salsation (Drum Solo)
Norwood Park Imperials 1978 Short People (drum solo) Randy Newman
Rhode Island Matadors 1978 Matilda (drum solo)
Rhode Island Matadors 1978 Maryanne (drum solo)
Westshoremen 1978 Be Free (drum solo) Loggins & Mesina
Long Island Kingsmen 1979 A 5th of Beethoven (drum solo) Ludwig van Beethoven
Norwood Park Imperials 1979 Stick It (drum solo) Buddy Rich
Oakland Crusaders 1979 Getaway (drum solo) Quincy Jones
Norwood Park Imperials 1980 Almost But Not Quite (drum solo)
Skyliners 1980 Root Beer Rag (drum solo)
Ohio Brass Factory 1981 Orange Blossom Special (drum solo) Ervin T. Rouse
Arbella 1982 Drum Solo Peter Furnari
Archer-Epler Musketeers 1982 Drum Solo
Kilties 1982 Drum Solo
Norwood Park Imperials 1982 Chicken Fat (drum solo)
Skyliners 1982 Do Like You (drum solo) Stevie Wonder
Norwood Park Imperials 1983 Chicken Fat (drum solo)
Velvet Knights 1987 African Drum Solo
Hawthorne Caballeros 1988 (drum solo)
Velvet Knights 1988 African Drum Solo
Royal Lancers Sr 1990 Beat 70 (drum solo) Pat Metheny | Lyle Mays
Spirit of Atlanta 1990 African Drum Solo (from The Color Purple) Quincy Jones
U.S. Air Force Academy Drum & Bugle Corps 1990 Ellington Drum Solo
Skyliners 1991 Final Truth (drum solo)
Blue Devils B 1992 Drum Solo (untitled)
L'Insolite 1993 Drum Solo Joel Gagne | Pierre LaChapelle
Erie Thunderbirds Minicorps 1995 Drum Solo
Erie Thunderbirds Minicorps 1996 Drum Solo
Erie Thunderbirds Minicorps 1997 (Drum Solo)
Erie Thunderbirds Minicorps 1999 (Drum Solo)
Connecticut Hurricanes 2000 Blowing Off Steam -drum solo (from Far And Away) John Williams
Minnesota Brass 2000 (Drum Solo)
Muchachos Sr 2000 Bits and Pieces (drum solo)
San Francisco Renegades 2000 Evil Drum Solo Number Seven Lee Rudnicki
Yankee Rebels Alumni 2000 (Drum Solo)
Yankee Rebels Alumni 2000 (Drum Solo)
Connecticut Hurricanes 2001 Hurricane (drum solo) C. Poole | P. Rennick | L. Kerchner
SoCal Dream 2003 Grove in 4x4x4 (drum solo) Wardell King
Muchachos Sr 2004 WIPIT (drum solo)
Optimists Alumni 2004 Rebound (drum solo)
Optimists Alumni 2004 (Drum Solo)
The Brigadiers 2004 (Drum Solo) David Glyde
Optimists Alumni 2005 Rebound (Drum Solo)
Optimists Alumni 2005 Hazard (Drum Solo)
San Francisco Renegades 2005 Niner-Two (Drum Solo) Don Eellis
Madison Scouts Alumni 2006 Dueling Banjos/Star Wars (drum solo) Arthur Smith
Optimists Alumni 2006 (Drum Solo)
Optimists Alumni 2006 (Drum Solo)
Optimists Alumni 2007 (Drum Solo)
Optimists Alumni 2008 (Drum Solo)
Reilly Raiders Alumni 2008 Roller Jubilee (drum solo)
Bridgemen Alumni 2009 Samba De Renee (Drum Solo)
Hawthorne Caballeros 2009 El Diablo Rojo! (drum solo) Gary Gill | Dennis Argul
Bridgemen Alumni 2010 Samba De Renee (Drum Solo) Dennis Delucia
New York Skyliners Alumni 2010 Drum Solo
Northernaires Sr 2010 Turkey in the Straw (drum solo) Traditional
Reilly Raiders Alumni 2010 The Grey Ghost (drum solo)
Bridgemen Alumni 2011 Boss Basses (Drum Solo)
Defenders Alumni 2011 Medieval Overture (drum solo) Chick Corea
Northernaires Sr 2011 69-73 Drum Solo
Bridgemen Alumni 2012 Boss Basses (Drum Solo)
Bridgemen Alumni 2012 Shenandoah (Drum Solo)
Connecticut Hurricanes 2012 Major Modern General (drum solo)
New York Skyliners Alumni 2013 (Drum Solo)
New York Skyliners Alumni 2017 Sing Sing Sing (Drum Solo) Louis Prima
Santa Clara Alumni 2017 Lexghinka(Drum Solo)
Santa Clara Alumni 2017 Stone Ground Seven(Drum Solo
Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni 2019 The Bomb (Drum Solo) Les Parks
Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni 2019 Caballeros 72/Drum-To-Drum (Drum Solo) Jack Pratt | John Smith
Mighty St. Joes Alumni 2019 Salute to the 70's (Drum Solo)