• World Drum Corps Hall of Fame

    The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame is non-profit organization dedicated to the proposition of honoring those persons and Drum and Bugle corps, who over the years, have contributed to the development and excellence of the Drum and Bugle Corps activity by individual and collective effort. The organization seeks to preserve the history of Drum and Bugle Corps from the past, throughout the present and into the future, and enhance and support the Drum and Bugle corps fraternity.

    Founded in 1976, The World Drum Corps Hall Of Fame is entirely self-supporting. The goal of the organization is to induct new members each year and select the Senior and Junior Drum and Bugle Corps of the decade.

    The World Drum Corps Hall Of Fame firmly believes recognition should be accorded those who continue to devote their time, talent and efforts in making Drum and Bugle corps an enjoyable and rewarding experience for persons of all ages, whether they be competitor or spectator.

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