Fond du Lac, WI United States
Founded: 1959

Inactive Junior
Division III

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"The corps was first formed in the fall of 1959 by the Optimist Club of Fond Du Lac as a youth project.

In those early years, Lynn Fairbanks was the corps Director and Drum Instructor. 1960, and James Aurthur
was added to the staff as Bugle Instructor, and in that same year, the first corps uniforms were purchased.

In these early years, the Marquis, still known as the Optimist Junior Drum and Bugle Corps, was a small and
certainly unknown group, and the young men were driven to the rehearsals and parades in a few cars.

In December, 1962, Mike Marks was named Corps Director. It was now a name change was necessary
and a few of the boys in the corps went to work in an effort to secure a new, more professional,
corps name; Optimist Jr, Drum and Bugle Corps--well, it just didn't fit any longer. The search ended in
the fall of 1963 and the snappy name "Marquis" was chosen, which has proven to be just the right name
for the corps.

The meaning of "Marquis" is as follows: "governors of marches...holder of title...leader". What name could
be more fitting for an up and coming corps than than the title "Marquis."

1965/66, Mike Marks was still handling bugles and still Corps Director with John Albert as Drum Instructor,
and John Price as M&M Instructor.

In 1966, participating in its first field show in Appleton, Wisconsin, the Marquis earned second place. And in
1966, an extra special honor was brought to the land of the Marquis, the award sought by all Badgerland
units--"Extra-ordinary Cooperation Award", presented by the Badgerland Association, was quite an honor for
this young corps and certainly the highlight of their season.

Reflections of the past of this corps from Fond Du Lac, could well take us to great length, for it is interesting
as well as informative, but today its the "Marquis" and are truly a improved and competitive corps...and this
statement comes from first-hand listening exposure to this young and outstanding corps.

1971, and the year the "Marquis" is certain will be their best ever. Starting off like champions, this corps won
the Badgerland Small Corps Championships defeating more well-known corps such as St. Mathias Cadets,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Shoreliners, from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Under the direction of Mrs. Jim Crain, the Marquis will undoubtedly field a drum line that will be able to hold
its own against many of the bigger more established probably don't buy this, but see this corps
before passing Judgement.

The corps will travel East this year and compete in World Open Championships. So many of the Eastern
corps will have the opportunity to watch a corps struggle for national acclaim--and this writer honestly
believes they're going to make it.

In 1969, the Marquis were very fortunate to obtain the service of Cecil Austin as Bugle Inst. This was the
year the Marquis started to become a real corps. The results of this man's instruction was nothing less than

In 1970, the Marquis again had Cecil Austin at the helm of the horn line and were fortunate to obtain the
talented Dr. Harry R. Patin as our M&M Instructor. Under Mr. Patin's leadership the scores improved greatly
and the results were unbelieveable--20 to 25 points better than in 69.

To the staff in 1971, the Marquis added the services of three more outstanding instructors. Romie Oestreich,
doing an excellent job with the large and vastly improved Color Guard. Pat Flex is busy training the fine rifle
unit and a talented man, Jim Crain, has taken over the training of the drum section.

With all these fine instructors and the addition of a new Drum Major, Dick Gilles, who in his own right can train
the bugles, the Marquis will, in 1971, come out with many new innovations, especially in their drum line, where
they will introduce a new style double snare drum and a new type of cymbal.

1971 promises to be an exciting year for the Marquis of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin--Watch for 'em--or should I
say, watch out for them !!

Marquis Drum and Bugle Corps----- Drum Corps America/Canada salutes you as the 1971 open class, small
corps champions of Badgerland."

[From the April 1971 Drum Corps America Canada.]

Members (18)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Christ, Tonya horn line 1978 to 1980
Collver, Chad Drumline 1989 to 1992; 1994
Diessner, Lisa guard 1976
Johnson, Joyce Guard 1969 to 1971
Klawitter, Mike Percussion 1978
McIver, Mitchell Percussion (Snare) 1998
Mielke, Dave Baritone 1977
Nayman, Josh Percussion 1998
Neimeyer, Daniel Tenors 1985
Petrie, Bryon Percussion/Staff 1984
Stovall, Tommy Baritone 1998
Thompson, Dan French Horn 1971
Wood, Michael Drum Line 1980 to 1985
boerst, tim hornline amd drumline 1982 to 1985
burk, tim drumline and hornline 1994 to 1996
jason, roberts drumline 1989 to 1994
senecal, melissa Horn Line 1992 to 1994

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Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Patch1-Shield(RE-3.25x3.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Patch2-PFEVinFleur(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Patch3-1980-Hornline(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Patch4-1981-Skate-A-Thon(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Patch5-1982-Skate-A-Thon(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin1-Black&RedFleur(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin2-RedHatHoldingFleur(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin3-Fleurs(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin4-Hearts(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin5-BlueWithRedHat(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin6-Flag(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin7-BlueNumber1(DCOM)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin8-RedFleurOnWhite(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Marquis,FondDuLac,WI,Pin9-Black&RedFleurOptimist(eBay-1.75)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection


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