Madison Scouts

Other Names:Madison Explorer Scouts, Four Lakes Council Boy Scouts

Madison, WI United States
Founded: 1938

Active Junior
World Class
1954 2 87.400 Battle Hymn of the Republic * The Happy Wanderer  
1955 2 Battle Hymn of the Republic * I Love A Parade * National Emblem March * Camptown Races * Oh Susanna * Parade of the Wooden Soldiers * Row Row Row * Fanfare * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * The Birth of the Blues * Because  
1956 Battle Hymn of the Republic * I Love A Parade * Bless 'em All * The Ballad of Rodger Young * Row, Row, Row * Louisiana Hayride * Symphony No.6 Mvt III * Jamaican Rumba * Because * Alexander's Ragtime Band  
1957 5 90.450 Giant * Anywhere I Wander * March Of The Children (from The King and I) * Student's Marching Song * Wabash Blues * Drinking Song (from The Student Prince) * The Ballad of Rodger Young * Seventh Symphony * I Believe * Because  
1958 5 84.250 Carousel Waltz (from Carousel) * June is Busting Out All Over (from Carousel) * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * The Farmer And The Cowman (from Oklahoma!) * March of the Toreadors (from Carmen) * Carmen * Because  
1959 3 89.100 Maverick * Like a God (from Flower Drum Song) * Grand Avenue * Flower Drum Song * You Are Beautiful (from Flower Drum Song) * No Other Love  
1960 5 84.000 Triumphal March (from Quo Vadis) * Proud Heritage (Processional March) * Swing March * The Country's In the Very Best of Hands (from Li'l Abner) * You Can't Get a Man With a Gun (from Annie Get Your Gun) * Flower Drum Song * French National Defile * Wabash Blues * No Other Love * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel)  
1961 8 83.500 Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition) * Parade of the Charioteers (Ben Hur) * French National Defile * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * Finlandia  
1962 6 81.250 Camelot * El Capitan * Don'cha Go 'Way Mad * Outlaws * Ballet In Brass * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * Finlandia  
1963 El Capitan * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Malaguena * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * Don'cha Go 'Way Mad * If Ever I Would Leave You (from Camelot)  
1964 19 78.800 French National Defile * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * If Ever I Would Leave You (from Camelot) * Mambo (from West Side Story) * Maria (from West Side Story) * I Feel Pretty (from West Side Story) * Tonight (from West Side Story) * Sixth Symphony * Finlandia  
1965 14 69.700 El Cumbanchero * I'm Gonna Live Till I Die * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * A Woman is a Sometime Thing (from Porgy and Bess) * Malaguena * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * Pilgrim's Chorus (from Tannhauser)  
1966 10 79.700 St. Louis Blues March * Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody * Preacher * St. Louis Blues * Blues in the Night * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel)  
1967 El Capitan * St. Louis Blues March * Eternal Father Strong To Save * Overture (from the Nutcracker) * Parade Of The Toy Soldiers * Finlandia  
1968 The Sinfonians * Eternal Father Strong To Save * Goin' Out Of My Head * La Habanera (from Carmen) * Gypsy Dance (from Carmen) * March of the Toreadors (from Carmen) * Step to the Rear (from How Now, Dow Jones) * Finlandia  
1969 Hang 'em High * Theme from Hawaii Five-O * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel)  
1970 7 83.800 Cherokee * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel) * Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair * Toyland (from Babes in Toyland) * Parade of the Wooden Soldiers * Whistle While You Work (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) * We're Off to See the Wizard (from Wizard of Oz) * Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz)  
1971 10 84.850 The Wizard of OZ - Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz) * Follow the Yellow Brick Road (from Wizard of Oz) * We're Off to See the Wizard (from Wizard of Oz) * Talk to the Animals (from Dr. Dolittle) * Parade of the Wooden Soldiers * Someday My Prince Will Come * Hi Ho (from Snow White) * Yankee Doodle * Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz)  
1972 14 77.450 American History - Civil War Music * Yankee Doodle  
1973 4 83.550 Ballet in Brass * Bajour * Let's Go * God Bless the Child * Brian's Song * Battle Hymn of the Republic * Marching Through Georgia * Camptown Races * Just Before The Battle, Mother * Jesus Loves The Little Children * Dixie  
1974 2 88.850 Ballet in Brass * Bond Street (from Casino Royale) * God Bless the Child * Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes) * Brian's Song  
1975 1 92.500 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes) * MacArthur Park * Rhapsody in Blue * Dueling Banjos * The Way We Were  
1976 2 90.700 Stars and Stripes Forever * MacArthur Park * Rhapsody in Blue * Ease on Down the Road (from The Wiz) * The Way We Were  
1977 5 87.300 New York, New York (from On the Town) * Prologue (from West Side Story) * Cool (from West Side Story) * Something's Coming (from West Side Story) * America (from West Side Story) * Gee, Officer Krupke (from West Side Story) * Somewhere (from West Side Story)  
1978 4 89.550 Malaguena * God Bless the Child * Main Theme (from Star Wars) * Ben's Theme (from Star Wars) * Princess Leia's Theme (from Star Wars) * The Last Battle (from Star Wars) * The Coronation (from Star Wars) * How Deep is Your Love?  
1979 8 84.500 The Sorcerer and the Latin * Bohemian Rhapsody * Granada Smoothie * Pieces of Dreams * The Way We Were  
1980 6 87.050 They're Playing Our Song * Malaguena * New Country * Through the Eyes of Love (from Ice Castles)  
1981 3 92.600 Numero Uno * Concierto de Aranjuez * Malaguena * Downwind * Through the Eyes of Love (from Ice Castles)  
1982 5 90.750 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes) * Strawberry Soup * Downwind * Through the Eyes of Love (from Ice Castles)  
1983 5 86.450 Colas Breugnon Overture * Strawberry Soup * Calico * Memory (from Cats)  
1984 5 94.600 Ballet in Brass * Waltz of the Mushroom Hunters * Calico * Memory (from Cats)  
1985 4 95.000 Four Score and Seven * Ballet In Brass * Rhapsody in Blue  
1986 7 91.300 Alex's Rag * Harlem Suite * Starlight Express  
1987 6 90.400 Captain from Castile * An American In Paris * Stars and Stripes Forever  
1988 1 97.100 Concerto For Guitar and Jazz Orchestra * Malaguena  
1989 7 93.600 Make His Praise Glorious * Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes)  
1990 9 88.700 Undiscovered Madison - The Lemon Squeeze * Remembrance * I Can Cook Too (from On the Town)  
1991 7 92.000 City of Angels - Prologue and Theme (from City of Angels) * With Every Breath I Take (from City of Angels) * Alaura's Theme (from City of Angels) * Funny (from City of Angels) * I'm Nothing Without You (from City of Angels)  
1992 5 93.700 City of Angels - Prologue and Theme (from City of Angels) * L.A. Blues (From City of Angels) * You Gotta Look Out for Yourself (from City of Angels) * With Every Breath I Take (from City of Angels) * Funny (from City of Angels)  
1993 6 91.900 Reflection and Evolution - Numero Uno * Strawberry Soup * Encore  
1994 6 92.200 Santos * Cuban Overture * Malaga  
1995 4 95.400 A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bull Fighter - El Toro Caliente * Concierto de Aranjuez * La Danza Pasillo * Malaga  
1996 6 91.500 A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: Part Dos - A Mis Abuelos * Bolero * En Fuego (On Fire) * Malaguena  
1997 5 93.900 The Pirates of Lake Mendota - The Adventure Begins * A day in port (Songs of the Quay) * Moods of the Sea (based on Tall Ships Suite) * Confrontation and Finale  
1998 6 91.900 Power, Pizzaz, and All That Jazz! - Lupon * Swingin' Peter . . . Sweet * Hall of the Mountain King (from Peer Gynt Suite #1) * Remembrance  
1999 6 93.400 Selections from Jesus Christ Superstar - I Don't Know How to Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Heaven on Their Minds (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Everything's All Right (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * King Herod's Song (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Trial Before Pilate (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * The Temple (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * John 19:41 (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Simon Zealotes (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Superstar (from Jesus Christ Superstar)  
2000 10 85.500 The Cossack Brotherhood - The Gadfly – Finale * Meadowland * Ballet Suite No 1 – Galop * Gopak (from Gayne Ballet) * Masquerade – Romance * Taras Bulba – Overture  
2001 11 86.550 Hot Jazz - Madison Style - The Fire and the Flame * Oh, Those Martian Blues * Symphonie Pour L'Orchestre Americain * Ballet In Brass  
2002 14 84.850 Conquest - Captain from Castile * Asturias * Conquistador * Conquistadores * Save El Dorado (from The Road to El Dorado)  
2003 8 89.550 GOLD, GREEN AND RED: The Music of Benoit Jutras - Jardin Chinois * Distorted (from La Nouba) * Atmadja * Urban * Reve Rouge * Incantation (from Quidam)  
2004 8 91.175 MadiSonic - Sound Piece for Jazz Orchestra * Malaga  
2005 6 92.625 The Carmen Project - Carmen  
2006 9 87.700 Primal Forces - Feast Day In Seville * Harp Concerto * Gabriel's Oboe (from the Mission) * Malambo (Finale from Estancia)  
2007 15 81.850 Unbound - Uninvited * Kashmir * Pie Jesu (from Requiem Mass) * Libertango  
2008 12 85.225 La Noche de la Iguana - Inteligencia, Pasión, Progreso - La Noche de los Mayas * Danza de los Duendes * Estancia Ballet * Harp Concerto * Danzon No. 2 * Concierto Candela for Solo Percussion and Orchestra  
2009 15 82.400 El Relámpago - The Forces of Nature * Malaga * Two Left-Footed Mambo - Baron Cimetiere's Mambo * Love Is in the Air * A Turn to the Dark Side - Candela * Relámpago's Triumphant Return - Margariteña  
2010 10 88.950 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes) * Rhapsody in Blue  
2011 10 87.550 New York Morning - New York, New York (from On the Town) * Oh What a Beautiful Morning (from Oklahoma) * Beautiful Mourning * Requiem * Empire State of Mind  
2012 9 88.000 Reframed - Pictures at an Exhibition * Malaga * The Way We Were * Theme from Ice Castles * Malaguena  
2013 9 90.100 Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 * Corps of Brothers Fanfare * Night on Bald Mountain * The Battle Rages * Afghanistan 2025 * War Machine * You'll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel)  
2014 11 87.575 Time Trip - The Music of Stan Kenton and Don Ellis - Fanfare for the New * Passacaglia and Fugue * Concerto to End All Concertos * Bulgarian Bulge * Star Children * Open Wide * Niner Two * Final Analysis  
2015 8 88.750 78th & Madison - N.Y.C. (from Annie) * Gotta Dance (from Singin' in the Rain) * Good Morning (from Singin' in the Rain) * I Got Rhythm (from An American in Paris) * Moses Supposes (from Singin' in the Rain) * The Boy Next Door (from Meet Me in St. Louis) * Traffic Jammin' (from New York Cityscape for Wind Ensemble) * Get Happy (from Summer Stock) * Happy Days are Here Again  
2016 13 85.263 Judas - Overture * Heaven on Their Minds (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Everything's Alright (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Gethsemane (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * I Don't Know How to Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Judas (from Jesus Christ Superstar) * Jesus Christ Superstar * Judas  
2017 12 85.250 The Last Man Standing - Territorial Claim – Pilentze Pee * Territorial Claim – Miraculous Mandarin * Depletion * O2 * Hope & Despair * The Battle Within – Music for Prague 1968 * The Battle Within – Pilentze Pee  
2018 16 82.988 Heart & Soul - You Are Variations * Serenada Schizophrana * Rhyme of Taigu * Shape of My Heart * Aurora Awakes * Ainadamar * 34 Klezma * End of the Game * Heart and Soul  
2019 17 82.137 Majestic - Afterburners * Backlash * 715–CrEEks * Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra * Spinning Wheel * One Voice  
2020 Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.  
2021 Between The Lines - Asturias (Leyenda) * Fur Elise - * Carmen * Souvenirs d'Analousie * 24 Caprices, Op. 1 No. 24 in A Minor * Malagueña Salerosa  
2022 15 83.725 Installation 85 - Rubric * Love on a Real Train * Bangkok * Star-Crossed * As the World Caves In * 34 Klezma * Original music  
2023 16 82.988 The Sound Garden - Rusty Cage * La Mer * Hold Music * Black Hole Sun * 23 Degrees North, 82 Degrees West  
2024 Mosaic - White Rabbit * Momento Magico * Egyptian Danza * Man on Fire * Unholy * Sati  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

The Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps is a World Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps based in Madison, Wisconsin.

It was in the depression year of 1938 that a group of Madison, Wisconsin, businessmen attended a Racine Scouts performance and forthwith decided that Madison needed its own drum corps. These businessmen were responsible for the formation of the Madison Scouts, in association with the Boy Scouts of America, and they named Clarence H. Beebe as the first director. (Beebe was posthumously elected into the Legacy class of the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame.)

During its formative years, the Scouts performed in local concerts, parades, War Bond drives, and the like. They also attended the World Scout Jamboree. In 1951 the corps split into the Explorer Scouts and the Boy Scouts. The Explorers wore the dark green scout uniforms, while the Boy Scouts wore the corps' old uniforms of khaki scout shirts and shorts.

The drum corps first entered national competition in 1954 and, in their first "national" competition, placed second at VFW Nationals in Philadelphia. Even then, they were crowd favorites with their unique form of drill, head choppers, horn and cymbal spins, dance, and other elements which remain a part of the corps' repertoire in the 21st Century. The Scouts repeated as VFW runnersup in Boston in 1959. In 1956, thwe corps went, instead to te American Legion Nationals in Los Angeles... and finished second. They returned to VFW Nationals in 1957 and were Finalists thru 1962, while also being Legion Finalists in '58 and '59.

In the early 1960s the corps switched from Explorer Scout uniforms to West Point cadet style uniforms. Although the corps attended VFW Nationals every year from 1964 through '69, they made a finals appearance only with a 10th place tie in 1966.

In 1969, under a new director, DCI Hall of Fame member Bill Howard, the Scouts reverted to the scout uniform, made immediate improvements, and returned to VFW finals in 1970 and '71.

Madison's 1971 program was a controversial groundbreaker. "Scouts in Fantasyland" featured the White Rabbit, Pinocchio, the Seven Dwarfs, and Bonnie Howard (the only girl ever to be in a Scouts field show) as Alice in Wonderland. The show was very well executed and heartily enjoyed by audiences. However, the VFW dictated that there could be no dancing, skipping, clowning, costumes, et cetera, and the Scouts had to put on their show at Nationals “straight.” With their "show" restricted to only marching and maneuvering, they suffered for it and only managed to place tenth.

Before the VFW dictated the creativity out of their 1971 performance, the Scouts had been urged by Cavaliers founder Don Warren and Troopers founder Jim Jones to join in starting a new organization run by the drum corps and free from the rigid, inflexible rules of the American Legion and VFW. During that '71 season, the "Midwest Combine," composed of the Blue Stars, Cavaliers, Madison Scouts, Santa Clara Vanguard, and the Troopers were not only booked into a number of shows together, but they found a host for a show of their own, which was a spectacular success. A simiar groupcalled the United Organization of Junior Corps (also known as the "Alliance") was made up of five Eastern corps. In 1972, the corps from the Combine and the Alliance joined with three other top corps to form Drum Corps International (DCI).

The Scouts returned to Finals in 1973 in a big way, offering the musical style fans still enjoy today. At CYO Nationals, on August 8, 1973, the corps, ablaze with competitive fire, roared through their show 37 seconds faster than they had ever done it before. Although some members passed out from the exertion, this may mark the beginning of Madison's special crowd-pleasing style. They won the brass trophy that year and for the next two years as well.

In 1975 the Scouts were undefeated and became the first non-California corps to win the newly established DCI Championships; this they did with the first winning score higher than 90 points (92.5) in DCI's young history.

The Scouts toured Canada, the Midwest and East, and the Southern U.S. in 1980, with a powerful show that had the crowd screaming for more. The corps captured several major show championships and placed sixth at Birmingham in a hotly contested DCI Championship in which only 3.55 points separated the top six corps. But in Chicago, the Scouts were finally able to win a VFW National title, in a tie with The Cavaliers. (At VFW Finals, the Scouts were joined by three young ladies who formed the "American party" color guard as "guest performers'--- like Bonnie Howard in 1971, they were not considered to be corps members.) 1980 was also the year for the development of a complete alumni staff. Bill Howard stepped down as Executive Director and was replaced by Scott Stewart.

The corps continued to strengthen itself financially in 1982 by establishing a booster club and by making the Madison Scouts Foundation, which had been established several years earlier, a productive undertaking. The Alumni Association was also revitalized. In 1982 the Corps placed fifth at the DCI Championships with a show consisting of "Slaughter on 10th Avenue," "Strawberry Soup," and "Ice Castles." The corps completed its conversion of bugles to silver-plated, two-valved instruments and, after years of effort, finally established a successful bingo game.

1983 saw the continued development of an almost all-alumni staff, and the corps presented its most demanding program ever, consisting of "Colas Breugnon Overture," "Strawberry Soup," and selections from "Cats." Establishing a unique tradition, at the Championship finale Madison took the field with no equipment and sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" to the enchanted crowd. Membership in the corps reached an all-time high in terms of average age (20; only 12 members were under 18), and 34 aged out that year. The corps remained near the 128-person limit and continued to receive more applications each year from outside the Madison area than there were positions available.

The corps made a major uniform change in 1983, adopting a more visually impactive look of white Eisenhower-style jacket, green pants, mint green shirt, white Aussie hat, white shoes and gloves, and red citation cords, gauntlets, tie, and hat band. New percussion equipment and a semi-trailer equipment van were also purchased.

The Madison Scouts held its position in the magic "top five" in 1984. Only 3.4 points separated these groups at the World Championship in Atlanta. Financially, the Madison Scouts was a phenomenon in the drum corps world by eliminating all debt and operating with a positive cash flow.

1985 was a banner year in the history of the Madison Scouts when the corps finally received long-deserved attention in the City of Madison. Much of this was due to the World Championships being held at Camp Randall Stadium, the most successful in DCI history, with over 100,000 people attending. Much credit was due to the local Madison Scouts committee. The corps also appeared with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and at the Badger State Games as well as continuing to appear at the annual spring Open House, Dress Rehearsal, and several concerts throughout the city. Individual members of the Scouts performed with locally prominent arts groups such as the Kanopy Dance Company and the Madison Symphony Orchestra.

The '85 show, based on George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," continued the Madison success in combining entertainment and artistry, and was rewarded when the corps was named the most popular corps in a nationwide DCI fan poll. This was also the year that the Scouts’ percussion ensemble set a DCI record with a perfect score of 100.

Other notable accomplishments included the reversing of the uniform scheme (white jackets/green pants to green jackets/white pants) and brightening the accessories, as well as the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship with the Yamaha Musical Corporation, which included a new state-of-the-art set of percussion equipment. The corps took another step toward financial security by establishing an equipment reserve for future capital equipment needs.

1986 saw the launch of a major capital fund drive to raise money for the purchase of three new/used coaches for the corps, as well as the return of the DCI Championships to Madison.

The Green Bay Packers played their first game ever at Camp Randall Stadium in 1987, and the Madison Scouts were the featured half-time entertainment. Interns from Japan and Britain toured and studied with the corps during the summer months.

In 1987 the Madison Scouts completed their capital fund drive, raising over $180,000 for the purchase of replacement coaches for the senior corps. These vehicles gave Madison the distinction of owning some of the newest buses in the entire activity. In addition, a new staff vehicle replaced the retired "Batmobile." The DCI World Championships returned to Madison for an unprecedented third year due to the successes of the first two years.

1988 and the celebration of the Madison Scouts' Fiftieth Anniversary made for one of the corps' greatest years. Festivities included an alumni reunion, special promotional items, and the return of the Drums on Parade contest to Madison. Following an undefeated short first tour of Wisconsin and Illinois, the Scouts flew to Europe. The corps toured Germany, Holland, and England in June where they conducted clinics, hosted competitions featuring every active European corps, and performed for the marching-music community in Europe. Returming to the U.S., the second tour took the corps throughout the Midwest, South, and Southwest en route to Kansas City for the DCI Championships. There the corps capped off its anniversary year by winning the Scouts' second DCI World Championship with one of the finest, crowd-pleasing performances in the history of the activity. Their program was based around "Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra" and "Malaguena." In the DCI Individual and Ensemble contests, five ensembles and individuals won titles. Finally, the corps also produced a 90-minute 50th anniversary album and cassette which traced the musical development of the Madison Scouts from 1954 to 1986, and they printed a yearbook for the first time since 1975.

The corps continued to have the highest retention rate of eligible members in DCI, with veterans comprising two thirds of their strength. As a fresh approach to fund-raising, the newly-acquired buses were leased to the Star of Indiana Charter Bus Company during the off season.

The Madison Scouts family and the drum corps community responded to the needs of Robert French and Fred Bell in 1989, two former members of the Madison Scouts who had been severely injured in accidents. Scott Stewart was unanimously elected to his ninth consecutive term as president of Drum Corps Midwest and continued in his tenth year as a member of the Executive Board of Drum Corps International. At the annual banquet, Mike Stormer was honored for his 13 years of unselfish commitment as he stepped down as director of the Junior Scouts.

In 1990 the Madison Scouts put on more land miles and toured longer than they ever had before. All of this was accomplished smoothly and with virtually no rolling stock breakdowns, a positive indication of how far the corps had advanced in the last decade. The corps purchased a new cook vehicle to go with the promotions vehicle acquired the year before. On the financial side, the corps maintained a healthy profile, and the alumni project started generating some real financial support for the organization. The corporate name dropped the word "Scouts" and became the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association, Inc., and the charter for Troop 600 was in its last year.

The corps began its conversion to three-valved bugles in 1991, which had been approved a year earlier. Barb Loeffelholz and Pat Omilianowski were chosen by DCI as volunteers of the year. In DCM, it was noted that seven of the directors of the top 23 corps were alumni of the Madison Scouts and that many ex-members were teaching and managing throughout in the activity. The corps continued to attract applicants from throughout the United States and from a number of foreign countries. Thirteen citizens of Japan, England, the Netherlands, and Canada were members of the Madison Scouts in 1992.

The 55th anniversary of the Madison Scouts was celebrated in 1993 by presenting an exciting, well-executed, crowd-pleasing program while providing another special experience for those involved with the organization. Titled 'Reflection and Evolution,' the show was based on "Numero Uno," "Strawberry Soup," and "Encore," an original composition by staff members Scott Boerma and Taras Nahirniak. The corps performed over 60 times while touring throughout the Midwest, Colorado, Texas, and Louisiana. The Championships were held in Jackson, Mississippi, and Madison performed brilliantly, during a driving rainstorm that enabled the corps to claim the dubious distinction of being the only corps ever to be rained on during a DCI Finals performance.

The corps produced a two-volume compact disc, 'Through the Years,' which traced the musical history of the Scouts from the early fifties through 1992. Scott Stewart was inducted into the DCI Hall of Fame.

The corps’ 1994 Latin-jazz based program consisting of "Santos," "Cuban Overture," and "Malaga" elicited standing ovations at every stop along the tour. A record year in souvenir sales and two post-season "Drum Corps World" polls rating the Scouts as audience favorites and having the best musical book confirmed their popularity. The color guard projected a new, more powerful image, and the corps enjoyed the convenience of their newly-constructed equipment trailer.

The twelfth annual spring Open House in Madison welcomed the Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Crops. As well, 'Drums On Parade' continued at Camp Randall Stadium and was publicized in an eight-page insert in a Madison newspaper delivered to over 170,000 Sunday subscribers. Bill Howard was inducted into the DCI Hall of Fame and board member Steve Vickers into the DCA Hall of Fame.

The corps featured a completely Spanish-flavored program in 1995. Subtitled 'A Drum Corps Fan's Dream,' the show featured a matador-garbed guard, an authentic flamenco dance, a dazzling full-corps revolving front, and an array of other effects. A record number of post-season letters, phone calls, Internet transmissions, postseason polls, and souvenir sales confirmed the success of the season.

It was becoming clearer that, while the Scouts continued to thrive, the Junior Scouts and Capitalaires programs were stagnating, not adequately serving local young people. After brainstorming and planning, the Madison Junior Scouts and the CapitolAires were merged into a new coed corps, Capital Sound Drum and Bugle Corps. The new program had the intent of providing the same benefits for local youth that the Madison Scouts were offering for their world-wide pool of members.

The Association's financial strength was enhanced by the acquisition of what had been the CapitolAires bingo game, and the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Foundation continued to increase its assets so that the future of the Madison drum corps would be secure. DCI’s prospects seemed a bit brighter when Dan Acheson, a Madison Scouts alumnus, was named as the new Executive Director and Scott Stewart was elected Chairman of the Board.

The 1996 Madison Scouts added fuel to the fire they had started in '95 and presented 'A Drum Corps Fan's Dream, Part Dos.' This production started where the previous year had ended and featured another Latin-jazz program based on "A Mis Abuelos," "Bolero," "En Fuego," and "Malaguena." The DCI Championships took place in Orlando, Florida, where the Scouts were featured in a special performance on the main stage at Epcot Center and received the Spirit of Disney award at the Saturday night finals, a presentation that cited the corps for being the most creative and entertaining group of the evening. The crowd's boos at the announcement of the corps's sixth-place finish were followed with an ovation so boisterous and persistent that the announcer was unable to continue. The 128 members of the Scouts had an average age of nearly 20.5, producing a record 41 age-outs at the end of the year. The corps continued to maintain the highest retention rate of eligible members in the activity at over 70 percent, and received more than 1000 inquiries from prospective members.

In 1997 the Scouts presented a swashbuckling, nautically themed show entitled 'Pirates of Lake Mendota.' This blood ‘n' guts program featured a buccaneer-garbed guard, a well-developed story line, and original compositions by staff members Scott Boerma and Taras Nahirniak. A new CD “Through the Years - Volume II” featured the Scouts' programs for 1992 through 1997. Souvenir sales, which seem to set a new record every year, grossed nearly $200,000.

After Scouts staff members had been assisting Montgomery, Alabama's Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps in 1997, that corps asked the Madison organization to assume control. since they had little community support in Alabama. Moving the corps to Lexington, Kentucky during a year of reorganizing, the Madison organization now had three corps--- two in Division I and one in Division II.

The corps’ 1998 production, dubbed 'Power, Pizzazz, and All That Jazz,' presented an all-jazz program that featured three very different approaches to the jazz idiom.

The 1999 production was based on the music of 'Jesus Christ Superstar.' The Scouts presented fresh arrangements coupled with exciting visual interpretation of the feelings evoked by the music. They finished sixth in Finals competition in 1999.

The Madison organization welcomed marchers from South Africa to the 2002 edition of the corps, sponsored by the Field Band Foundation. The Scouts suffered a disappointing 14th place finish at home in Camp Randall Stadium, marking only the second time in history that the corps had missed DCI Finals. Long-time corps director and DCI Hall of Famer Scott Stewart retired, and Sal Salas was named by Executive Director Bob Wall as director and program coordinator. As part of the reorganization, the Scouts cut their ties with both Southwind and Capitol Sound, leaving both corps to fend for themselves.

The new leadership, accompanied by stylish new uniforms, brought the 2003 Scouts in at eighth place in DCI Finals, in their 65th year of operation.

The Scouts' 2004 offering was called 'MadiSonic,' and it left the corps in eighth place in Finals for the second year. A full horn line rotating company front was becoming a Madison trademark.

2005's "The Carmen Project" moved the Scouts back to the upper half of the Top 12, with a 6th place finish. "Primal Forces" in 2006 finished in 9th place.

Despite the four-year run in Finals, the corps was plagued by near-constant staff turnover, and in 2007 and again in 2009, the Scouts fell to a 15th place finish at DCI Finals, with a 12th place sandwiched between.

In 2010, Jim Mason, former director of Star of Indiana, was hired as program coordinator/artistic director, and the Madison Scouts returned to DCI Finals under his guidance in 2010 through 2014. In 2014 Madison's director successfully petitioned the DCI Board of Directors to allow the use of any brass instrument on the field. The Scout's then featured a trombone quartet to some controversy. Scott Boerma, who had previously arranged Madison's music in the 80's-90's returned in 2015.

It was not so much that Madison's quality had declined as it was that almost every other corps' quality and the daring originality of some had climbed to a higher plane, and in 2016, the Scouts once more found themselves out of Finals.

In February of 2017, the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps became Forward Performing Arts Association, Inc.

The Madison Scouts may have been belated in jumping on the the bandwagon for daring and original shows, but in 2017, they jumped on with both feet. "The Last Man Standing" was a shocking departure for drum corps traditionalists, but the tribal theme was fully in keeping with the corps' own traditions. The show placed 12th in DCI Finals.

"You'll Never Walk Alone" has been the corps' theme song since it was first performed in a 1955 show. Alumnus Chuck Eikel remembers corps members spontaneously singing the song in response to a theme song challenge from a group of Cavies ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow") in 1957, and Scouts have been singing it ever since.

Unique philosophies differentiate the Madison Scouts from other drum corps. The essence of the Scouts’ social philosophy is the simple belief in and observance of guidelines that benefit the entire global community through the actions of the individual. The more individuals who commit to these unselfish ideals, the healthier the environment becomes for everyone. The essential elements of this social philosophy are: always strive honestly for improvement; treat others in a kind and caring way; share your talents; approach every situation with a positive attitude; do the right thing, not just the easiest thing, in every situation; don't waste energy on situations beyond your control; actions speak louder than words; and avoid hypocrisy.

The philosophy behind the Scouts’ show programming is to choose and create material that is challenging, educational and enjoyable for the members and staff, yet is approachable and entertaining to the audience. The product must be complex, sophisticated and artistic without giving up the power, intensity and excitement that has been a trademark of the Madison Scouts. The final ingredient in producing shows is to teach members to sincerely believe in what they're doing, enabling them to communicate with the audience on a level unmatched elsewhere in the activity.

Throughout the years, the Madison Scouts have offered an exciting educational and developmental program. Every member has the opportunity to achieve personal and performance excellence in a unique fraternal experience, all while continuing an admirable tradition of consistently innovative, challenging and exciting programs that entertain and communicate with every person who views them.

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Members (233)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Acosta, Daniel Color Guard 2002 to 2003
Acosta, Daniel Front Ensemble 2004 to 2005
Albert, Jack Snareline (Auditioning) 2005
Albert, Jack Snare line 2005
Albitz, Mike Tenor Line 1991
Amnatham, Paopun Pit 2002
Andrews, Mark Cymbal Line 2001 to 2004
Andrzejek, James Colorguard 2003 to 2007
Ashton, Justin Tenors 2001 to 2004
Ausman, Mike Drum Line 1975 to 1976
Babay, Joey color guard 1979 to 1981
Bakker, Gary Soprano 1967 to 1974
Barkenhagen, Dean Contra 1974 to 1978
Barkenhagen, Jay P Color Guard 1976 to 1979
Belott, Jonathan Contra 2000 to 2001
Benigna, Jamie colorguard 1998 to 1999
Best, Benton Mellophone 2006
Bissantz, Kyle Front Ensemble 2011
Black, Matt Guard 2002 to 2004
Black, Paul Mellophone 2003; 2005 to 2007
Bond, Stephen Euphonium 1999 to 2001
Bonslater, Bobby Trumpet 2007
Boston, Damon snare 1977 to 1978
Boudreaux, Scott Colorguard 2005
Boyce, Jonathan Bassline 2005 to 2007
Brace, Kenton Euphonium 2002
Brace, Kenton Mellophone 2004 to 2006
Brundridge, Matthew Contra 2003 to 2006
Buchwalder, Mark Euphonium 1980
Buchwalder, Mark Contra 1982
Burgess, Dallas Baritone 1998 to 2002
Burgess, Dallas Brass 1998 to 2002
Butler, Phil Cymbals 1999 to 2001
Carr, David Euphonium 2005
Carrillo, Travis guard 2005
Chapman, Derek Mellophone 1977 to 1982
Chitta, Adam Euphonium 2004 to 2008
Chitta, Stephen Baritone/Euphonium 2003
Choice, Jeff Color Guard 2003 to 2007
Clements, Paul Mellophone 2003
Cook, Galen Mellophone 2003 to 2007
Cuevas, Daniel Guard 2003
Dahl, Mark Cymbals 1984 to 1988
Davies, Brent Contra 2004
Deisher, Kevin Soprano 1982
Denman, Larry rifle Line 1977
Dombroske, Roger Baritone 1983 to 1985
Dunn, Randall Contra 1983 to 1984
Durst, Matt Soprano 2013
Eachus, Lee-Erik Color Guard 2005
Eckhardt, Bailey Color Guard 2002
Ehrlich, Sam Mellophone 2010
Eisenbarth, Geoff Contrabass 2003 to 2004
Elliott, Paul Baritone 2004
Engleman, Ryan Front Ensemble 2001 to 2005
Fackler, Brian baritone 2003
Farquhar, Scott soprano 2003 to 2007
Felton, Greg Contra 1981 to 1982
Ferreira, Michael lead soprano 2002
Fetty, Jim Soprano 1980; 1982 to 1983
Fickey, Paul Colorguard 2005 to 2006
Flannigan, Derrick Soprano 2004 to 2005
Foley, James 'Axel' Mellophone 1999 to 2001
Fox, Eric Front Ensemble 2004
Frazier, Justin Mellophone 1996 to 1997
Fullwood, Joseph Colorguard 2005 to 2009
Garretson, Colby Euphonium 2005
Garrett, Gene snare 1981 to 1982
Gee, Keith Hornline Soprano 1985 to 1987
Genske, Kevin Soprano 2003 to 2004
Gilbertson, David soprano 1988 to 1993
Gofstein, Marc Contra Bass 1985
Goglia, Joseph Tenors 2003
Gonzalez, Richard colorguard 1991
Goodier, Daniel Trumpet 2006; 2008 to 2009
Gorman, Ladd Mellophone 2003 to 2006
Grimes, Michael Color Guard 1981
Grissom, Chris Color Guard 2002
Grissom, Chris Colorguard 2002 to 2004
Guernsey, Dan Color Guard 1971
Guernsey, Dan Tympani 1972 to 1974
Guernsey, Dan Multi-Tenor 1975 to 1977
Gulick, Chad Mellophone 1997 to 1999
Haltom, Matthew Colorguard 2005
Harvey, Peter Contra 1992 to 1995
Haslanger, Brian Baritone 1993 to 1994
Hauger, Glen Mellophone 2002; 2004
Hayward, Ben Mellophone 2009
Henne, Francis Colour Guard 1992 to 1993
Henson, Chuck Guard 1981 to 1984
Hess, Jason color guard 1995 to 1996
Higgins, Scott Front Line 1990 to 1991
Hipke, Steve Guard 1994 to 1995
Hirsch, Dennie Brass Line (Contra) 1997 to 1998
Holland, Chris Bari 2000 to 2001
Holland, Raymond Contra 2003
Hooper, Michael Baritone 2004
Hundt, Jerry Soprano 1975 to 1981
Hurd, Dan Lead Soprano 1989
Huxtable, Nathan Front Ensemble 2014
Itkor, Joseph color guard 1987
Jackson, Chris Soprano 2004
Jacobs, Greg Baritone 1979 to 1981
Jaeckel, Bryan Mellophone 1998 to 2002
Jaeckel, Dave Assistant Conductor/Baritone 1992 to 1993
Jarmon, Quincey Snare Line 1999 to 2000
Jensen, Michael Mellophone 2007 to 2008
Jentzsch, Ryan Guard 1994
Johnson, Casey Soprano 1999 to 2001
Jones, Nolan Soprano 1982
Jull, Kurt Guard 1986
Kaszas, Cameron French horn 1979 to 1981
Kelley, Justin Soprano 2008
Kurtzweil, Scott Colorguard 1988
Kuzma, GM Alto 1996
LAPLANTE, PAUL hornline 1978
Levine, Aaron Soprano 2006
LiTT, Jason Mellophone 2001 to 2002
Linhart, David Guard 1982
Loverude, Woody Guard 2001
Lurie, David Brass 1993 to 1996
Manner, Bobby Soprano 1977
Marutani, Koichi Mellophone/Soprano 1994 to 1995
Matherne, Nathan Color Guard 2000 to 2003
Matsumoto, Kentaro Baritone 2001
Maxwell, Dave Euphonium 1987 to 1991
McCay, Frank Drumline (31" Tympani) 1977
Mcgregor, Kyle mellophone 2005
Mercer, Alan Color Guard 1983 to 1984
Miller, Eric Mellphone 2000 to 2001
Miller, Kenneth Baritone 2002 to 2003
Mitchell, Tom Mellophone 1989
Montalvo, Stephen Front Ensemble 2004
Motl, Christopher Euphonium 2001
Murphy, Sean Euphonium 2005
Neimeyer, Daniel Tenors 1987 to 1992
Neimeyer, Daniel Percussion Staff / Tenors 1993 to 2003
Nelson, Jon percussion 1955 to 1959
Olsesski, Bobby Guard 1982
Ortiz, Ricardo Drumline 2013
PLUMBLEY*, *NEIL Color Guard 2004 to 2007
Parker, Brian Drums (Tenors) 1984 to 1988
Parker, Christian T Baritone 1988
Pearson, Scott Tenors 1976 to 1983
Pedley, Drew Color Guard 2003
Perry, Edward brass/contra 2001
Perry, Eric Drum Major 2014 to 2016
Phemister, Travis Contrabass 2003
Pilot, Robert Baritone 1978
Pressley, David driver 2000 to 2002
Quigley, John Soprano 1983 to 1985
Quigley, John Brass staff 1990 to 1992
Ramthun, Mark Baritone/Drum Major 1980 to 1987
Rebus, Brandon Baritone 2008
Reid, Dave Mellophone 2003; 2005
Reilly, Tony Sopranos 1980 to 1981
Ritacco, Dan soprano 1985 to 1990
Robinson, Brian Colorguard 2003 to 2004
Robinson, Brian Color Guard 2003
Robinson, Mike French Horn 1981 to 1984
Robinson, TJ Soprano 2007
Rodriguez, Cliff Soprano 2001 to 2003
Rosa, Jonathan Mellophone 2005 to 2006
S, M Baritone 2002 to 2007
Sachtjen, James percussion 1968 to 1972
Sanchez, Damion Bass Line 1997 to 1999
Sato, Naoki Baritone 2008
Sbaiti, Rowan Baritone 2003 to 2004
Sbaiti, Rowan Baritone 2003
Scerpella, Dan Baritone 1977 to 1978
Schiess, Patrick Mellophone 2005
Schiess, Patrick Lead Mellophone 2006
Schneide, Cliff Soprano 1977
Seidling, patrick tenors 1983 to 1984
Seidling, patrick drum instructor/assistant to director 1996 to 1998
Shields, Lester Horn 1980
Shook, Kent Baritone 1991 to 1996
Skipworth, Robert Colorguard 2005
Smith, Brandon Colorguard 2003 to 2006
Smith, Dean Baritone Individual Champion 1986
Smith, Mac Contra 1995
Smith, Steve Baritone 2003 to 2004
Smith, Steve DM 2005
Smith, Steve Baritone 2003 to 2006
Smith, Tyler Colorguard 2003 to 2005
Springer, Kyle Upper Split Lead Sop 2007
Stolarik, Justin R. Front Line 2000 to 2002
Stolarik, Justin R. Front Line Instructor 2003
Stork, Joe Snare 2011 to 2012
Stout, Jeff Colorguard 1984; 1986
Taylor, Jeremi Colorguard 2003
Taylor, Jessie Color Guard 2004
Thompson, Rodney baritone 2003 to 2005
Turner, Byron Contra 2006
UMPHREY, PERRY guard 1978
Uber, Ross Mellophone 2005 to 2008
Vail, Dan Cymbal Line 2003
Verstelle, Martijn Mellophone 2011 to 2012
Walker, Ian Contra 1999
Wallace, Clay Snare 1994
Walz, Zachary Color Guard 2003 to 2005
Ward, Russell Brass Mello/Sop 1987 to 1992
Washington, Devin lead soprano 1978 to 1979
Watson, Casey Brass 2004 to 2007
Wauters, Matt Soprano 2002; 2004
Welle, Jacob Baritone 2010 to 2011
White (now Kemple), Joe soprano 1988
White, Joe 2nd Soprano 1988
White, Pat Assisted Guard & Conducted/Euphonium 1987 to 1988
Wiencken, Adam Snare Drum 2003
Wiencken, Adam Snare Drum 2003 to 2008
Williams, Stann Drumset 2015
Williamson, Brad Baritone 2000 to 2001
Winland, Michael Mellophone 1998
Wood, Steve Baritone 1998
Wood, Steve Baritone 1998
Yip, Michael Frontline 2004 to 2006
Zabler, Robert Colorguard (rifle) 1977
Zabler, Robert (Bobby) colorguard (rifle) 1977
Zamorski, John Flag Line 1976
Zeiss, Tim Contra 2005 to 2006
brown, Greg guard 1987 to 1990
elizondo, michael lead soprano 1975
mitchell, joe front ensemble 2004 to 2007
rowland, jeff mellophone 1995
siniard, billy color guard 2005
skolaski, mark drum 1967 to 1976
stanley, cedric Bass Drum, Colorguard 2000 to 2003
van der Hoek, Bob snare drum 2003
von Behren, David mellophone 2005
von Behren, David french horn 2007
von Behren, David Cymbal Line 2008

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