Valley Fever

Modesto, CA United States
Founded: 1979

Inactive Junior

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Valley Fever Drum & Bugle Corps was founded in Modesto, California, in 1979 by Gary Runsten, a local band director and Chairman of Music for the Modesto City Schools. Gary Runsten remained as the managing director of the corps through its organizational years of 1979 through 1993.

The initial competitive year of 1980 produced a corps of 80 and an appearance at the Drum Corps Championships in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1981 the corps membership quickly grew to the 120’s where it remained for the next three years. In 1981 Gary Meegan was added as Brass Caption head and Gary Gilroy as Percussion caption head and staff coordinator. Performance and competitive success grew with the corps and from 1981 to 1984 the corps finished four times in the top 24 open corps.

In 1983 the corps changed its stylistic look as Dave Gibbs became the Visual Design consultant. Also in the summer of 1983 Bobby Hoffman joined the staff as visual caption head and staff coordinator, and remained through the 1984 season.

Valley Fever was supported through their initial years by an active booster organization which raised up to $330,000 for annual budgets. In 1985 the corps became inactive due to financial concerns. The corps made a competitive comeback in 1986, and did travel to Madison for the DCI Championships. But financial concerns forced the corps back into competitive inactivity for the next six years. During that time they did do various local performances, parades, and Drum Corps West group activities such as the Fiesta Bowl Parade on New Years.

The corps finally closed its doors in 1993. "Fever" a new local corps also based in Modesto was formed and directed about ten years later by Lew Wilhelm, a former member of the original Valley Fever program.

[Submitted by Gary Runsten - Sept 2008]

Members (31)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Avila, Chris marching timpani 1981
Avila, Chris snare 1982 to 1983
Biagini, Syndie Colorguard 1984; 1986
Biagini, Syndie Color Gaurd 1984 to 1986
Burdick, Lee Snare 1984
Dean, Don Contra Bass 1986
Dillon, Matt Soprano 1982 to 1983
Evans, Chris Euphonium 1982
Fitzsimons, Joan Xylophone 1980 to 1982
Foster, Jon cymbals 1984
Gofstein, Marc Contra Bass 1984
Harris, David Drumline/Bass/march tymp 1981 to 1984
Harris, David Drumline - Bass /Marching Timpani 1981 to 1983
Harris, David Drumline - Snare 1984
Harris, Debby Colorguard 1983
Henderson, Lozell drumline(Bass Drum#3) 1984
Kessinger, Dan Cymbals/Current Director 1986; 2002
Martin, Anna-Marie colorguard 1983 to 1984
Martinez, Jerry Timpani 1983
Muzio, Francesca soprano 1981 to 1982
Muzio, Francesca mellophone 1983
Peterson, Craig L Low Brass Horn Line 1984 to 1987
Phillips, Steve soprano 1983
Pope, Jack Bass Drum 1984
Rhodes, Jason snare 1982 to 1984
Roe, John Mellophone 1980
Shorter, Larry Baritone 1984
Tankersley, Brian Drumline (tenors) 1986
Vasquez, Rob Brass (Baritone) 1982
Young, Randy Baritone 1983 to 1984
Young, Randy Baritone 1983 to 1984

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Valley Fever

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Valley Fever

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Valley Fever

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Valley Fever

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Valley Fever

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