Elland, Yorkshire United Kingdom

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The Achormen derived from the 5th Halifax Boys brigade coy band. The band was very successful in the 1960s and 1970s on Eb trumpets and followed the standard British military style band. The Bandmaster/Corps Director, Sel Bottomley ran the band between the years 1958 to 1987. He developed the band in these years and was a forerunner in bringing drum corps from the states. He and others developed DCUK in 1980 and the Anchormen became a drum corps, purchasing Dynasty 2 and 3 valve G bugles.

In the early 1980s, the Anchormen were at the top of their game, and were one of the most successful corps in the country. At this time however they were still a vital part of the 5th Halifax Boys Brigade. At the end of 1983, the decision was taken to seperate and the Anchormen became an independent drum corps. In 1985, they purchased their headquarters The Savage Centre, where the corps is still based today. In 1987, Michael Moss took over as corps director and is still in charge today.

[Submitted by Benjamin Kennedy; October 2011]

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