Purple Lancers

Auburn, NY United States
Founded: 1960

Inactive Junior
1973 18 70.800 (Repertoire not available)  
1974 10 77.150 Fourth Movement from Divergents * The Hoedown (from Suite of American Dances) * Cakewalk (from Suite of Old American Dances) * The Rag (from Suite of Old American Dances) * La Fiesta Mexicana * Power to the People * If  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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The Purple Lancers, formed in 1960, was a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Auburn, New York. They were sponsored by Carnicelli-Indelicato American Legion Post 1776.

The corps’ colors were purple and white.

The corps finished tenth in the 1974 DCI Finals, the only New York corps ever to reach DCI Open-Class Finals.

[Encyclopedia of Drum and Bugle Corps, 1966; rec.arts.marching.drumcorps]

Members (12)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Allen, Donny lead soprano 1972 to 1974
Campagnola, Carl Lead Soprano 1964 to 1974
Gray, Ronnie French Horn Bugle 1967 to 1971
Gregory DeBois, Lisa color guard 1970 to 1974
Morgan, Sharon Colorguard 1971 to 1974
Slack, Jackie American Guard Rifle 1974
Stevens, Kevin lead baritone 1973 to 1974
Surace, Santo 2nd soprano 1975
Trutschel, Barbara Lynn rifle team 1969 to 1973
Vivenzio, Jim Lead Soprano (solo) 1963 to 1974
Whiting, Geoffrey Lead Soprano 1974

CORPS 4 items

Purple Lancers

PurpleLancers,Auburn,NY,,Patch1-Crest(Site)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Purple Lancers

PurpleLancers,Auburn,NY,Pin1-Shield(RE-3.0)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Purple Lancers

PurpleLancers,Auburn,NY,Pin2(RE-3.0)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Purple Lancers

PurpleLancers,Auburn,NY,Pin3-White(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection


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