Geneva Appleknockers

Other Names:Winnick Post 396; Geneva Appleknockers

Geneva, NY United States
Founded: 1929

Inactive Senior
The Appleknockers, formed in 1928, was a senior marching and maneuvering corps based in Geneva, New York. They initially operated under the sponsorship of the Geneva Winnek American Legion Post 396 and the leadership of Jack Gleason and T.J. Comiskey. Known, not surprisingly, as the Winnek Post 396, they competed in the Penn-York Circuit.

The Appleknockers' unusual name is said to have derived by 1947 from the fact that they hailed from apple-picking country in New York (and therefore were rural yokels), and that they “knocked” around the country to different events.
One of the earliest corps to use jazz arrangements, the 396 made finals in the 1941 American Legion Championships before that event closed down for World War II. Some famous names associated with the 396 were arrangers John Kinyon and Jack Bullock, soprano soloist Frankie Farr, who improvised his solos on the field, and Hall of Famer John S. Pratt. The corps is credited with having featured the first individual horn soloist, a man named Ken "Ace" Peterson, and they also used a bass fiddle once for a standstill concert in Carnegie Hall.

The corps’ colors were green and white.

The Appleknockers placed in the top ten of every American Legion Nationals they ever attended. Known for their jazz charts, the Appleknockers performed sit-down jazz concerts during the off season.

The corps folded in the mid 1960s, giving way to the Appleknockers junior corps.

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The corps went inactive after the 1964 season. They reactivated as a parade corps in 1983-1988. [submitted by Geoffrey Whiting 10/21/2017]

Members (10)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Church, Kevin soprano 1970 to 1972
Church, Kevin mellophone 1973 to 1974
Gagliano, Joe Drums. Color Guard, Horn Line 1959 to 1962
Gagliano, Joseph Color Guard, Drums & Horn Line 1959 to 1963
Novosel, Mark Hornline 1966 to 1972
O'Malley, Pat Soprano 1968 to 1973
Reed, Jerry French Bugle 1953 to 1954
Roth, Jim soprano 1963 to 1964
Stevenson, Jack Brass 1960

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Geneva Appleknockers
Geneva Appleknockers History
Geneva Appleknockers History from the Diceman Radio Collection Contributed by Ron Allard


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