Southern Nights

Virginia Beach, VA United States
Founded: 1985

Inactive Senior
1987 17 46.200 "Music of Barbra Streisand" - Moments * People * Let's Hear It For Me * You Don't Bring Me Flowers  
1988 "A Maynard Fergusen Tribute" - Sesame Street * Coconut Champagne * Superman Theme (from Superman)  
1990 (Repertoire not available)  
1994 Theme (from Big Top Pee Wee) * Back to School * Silent Night * Intrusions  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

CORPS Photos

Southern Nights, founded in 1985, was a senior marching and maneuvering corps based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The corps participated in DCA competition in 1987 finishing 17th with a score of 46.200.

In an amazing display of quick wittedness, a mello player named Steve Platt, when he accidentally stepped out of bounds during a 1987 show, immediately raised his horn and pretended to play a solo, in order to avoid being penalized.

Efforts to reactivate Southern Nights continued through at least 1995.

[A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, 2002; Pete Feeney, RAMD, 11/20/95;, RAMD, 2/17/02]

Members (9)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Ashman, Michael French Horn 1987 to 1989
casler, nathan percussion 1993 to 1995
Doctor, Dana Contra 1988 to 1991
Feeney, Pete Lead Sop / Director 1984 to 1995
McDonald, Patrick Baritone 1987
myers, beef contra 1988 to 1993
Rappolt, Lee Percussion & Baritone 1992 to 1994
Wood, Jim Guard 1987
Wood, Jim Baritone 1988
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