Northernaires Sr

Menominee, MI United States
Founded: 1992

Inactive Alumni

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The Northernaires is now an alumni marching and maneuvering corps, formed in 1953 and based in Menominee, Michigan. It was based on the D.A.R. Boys Club which had become the junior corps Northernaires.

The senior Northernaires performed in their first competition in 1956. Although the corps did not travel extensively as a junior corps, the senior Northernaires ran the table in the state of Michigan in the 1960s, holding every major title at one time or another. They took the state VFW championships three years in a row - twice.

The Northernaires became coed in 1970 and won for the last time on July 4, 1973, disbanding shortly thereafter.

In the late 1990s, an alumni group got together to play and reminisce at Menominee's annual Waterfront Festival.

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Members (5)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Basten, Jon Brass Caption/Soprano 2010 to 2011
D'Auria, Jay Brass (Soprano) 1995 to 2006
Ennis, Tom 1st SOP 1955 to 1966
Predmore, Mike Contra 1996 to 1999
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