Chicago Royal Airs Senior

Chicago, IL United States
Founded: 2001

Inactive Alumni
2002 My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) * Ballyhoo March * John Brown's Body * Watermelon Man * Alexander's Ragtime Band * Battle Hymn of the Republic * It Was a Very Good Year * Sweet Beginning (from Roar of the Greasepaint) * Who Can I Turn to (from Roar Of The Greasepaint)  
2003 Chicago * Ballyhoo March * John Brown's Body * Birth of the Blues (from Painting the Clouds with Sunshine) * Voodoo Moon * Shadow of Your Smile (from The Sandpiper)  
2004 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans * Strike Up The Corps * Stars and Stripes Forever * God Bless the Child  
2005 My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) * Stars and Stripes Forever * Tru's Blues (medley) * God Bless the Child * Our Love Affair (from An Affair To Remember) * Alexander's Ragtime Band  
2008 My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) * Ballyhoo March * Ol' Man River (from Show Boat) * Alexander's Ragtime Band * Our Love Affair (from An Affair To Remember)  
2009 My Kind of Town * Watermelon Man * I'll Walk with God (from The Student Prince) * An Affair to Remember  
2010 RA Chicago * John Brown's Body * Minnie the Moocher * An Affair to Remember * Alexander's Ragtime Band * I'd Rather Be Blue  
2011 Battle Hymn of the Republic * John Brown's Body * Minnie the Moocher * Don't Rain on My Parade (from Funny Girl)  
2012 Serenade in Blue * Impressions * April in Paris  
2013 Bohemian Rhapsody * God Bless the USA * El Camino Real * Pirates of the Caribbean * Alexander's Ragtime Band  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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In August of 2001, a handful of Royal Air alumni met in Elgin, Illinois, to discuss the possible nomination of the corps founder, Sie Lurye, to the DCI Hall of Fame. The idea of forming a single-season return of the Royal Airs to coincide with Sie's induction was broached at that meeting. Responses to an alumni survey were somewhat positive, but organizers knew that in order to pull off a quality tribute season, they would need to open up corps membership to anyone with drum corps experience over the age of 21.

A board of directors was elected, and Jackie Lurye-Borrelli was named corps director. Organizers assembled an able staff of Mitch Markovich, Truman Crawford, Gene Vandenbosch, Dale Peters and Dorothy Heitman; they also set about the difficult task of securing equipment. The United States Air Force Academy and the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps loaned horns. The Cavaliers and Madison Scouts loaned percussion equipment until the corps was able to secure the sponsorship of Dynasty drums, Pro-Mark drumsticks, Zildjian cymbals, and Evans drumheads.

Once the equipment was secured, the new corps' membership swelled to its full 170. They agreed to perform a show at DCI Semifinals in August, plus seven other exhibitions throughout the summer of 2002, concluding with the DCA
Alumni Show in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Royal Airs Tribute Corps developed a nostalgia-filled show featuring music and marching style that had been popular in the corps' power years in the 1960s but which contrasted strikingly to modern corps styles. Their performance was a sensation, warmly appreciated by the 15,000 fans at the 2002 DCI Semifinals in Madison.

The 2002 tribute tour was so successful that the Royal Airs Senior Exhibition Drum and Bugle Corps continued operations in 2003, and "will be back for more in 2004" under the direction of Jackie Lurye Borrelli.

The Royal Airs continue the traditional field performance, with a start and finish line, a flag presentation, and military precision.

The official Royal Air web site will continue to be

[Bob Doran; Dave Strickler; DCW, 2/04, p.18]

Members (28)

Member Name Section Years Involved
(Wood) Pratte, Nancy Rifle 2003 to 2004
Aslakson, John Soprano 2002 to 2022
Chappell, James Tenors 2002
Davidson, Jerry Baritone 2008
Dittrich, Terri mellophone 2002 to 2003
Doran, Robert Baritone 2002 to 2004
Farrell, George Lead Soprano 2005 to 2006
Gherlone, Guido Mellophone 2004
Gilchrist Baker, Bonnie American Flag 2002
Letourneau, Glen Baritone 2005
Margraf, Mike Baritone 2003
Milano, Paul Snare 2003 to 2004
Morgan, MorgMan Snare 2003
Morgan, MorgMan Bass & Asst. Instructor 2004
MorgMan, WaterMelon Snare 2002
O'Connell-Letourneau, Cathy drumline 2005
Patterson, Pat contra 2002
Plein, David Soprano 2006 to 2009
Rivera, Cisco Lead Sop 2002 to 2004
Schehr, Jim percussion 2002 to 2003
Scott, Dave Soprano 2002
Showalter, Paul mellophone 2004 to 2006
Stoffel, Barbara Guard and DM 2002 to 2004
Tomasi, Nick Baritone 2004 to 2005
Violett, Edward contra 2002
Volkman, Dave Single tenor 2004
Volkman, Dave Snare 2005
Williams, Rodney Mellophone 2005 to 2013

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Chicago Royal Airs Senior

Chicago Royal Airs Alumni Uniform 2002 from the Bill Ives Collection Contributed by Jay McGurffin
Chicago Royal Airs Senior

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Chicago Royal Airs Senior

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