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Sacramento, CA United States

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The River City Regiment, formed in 2002, is a senior corps based in Sacramento, California. Mike Phillips was one of the founders and first president.

The corps' first performance was at the "LOUD Music Symposium4" in Cupertino in May, 2002, with 13 horns and "a multitude of skilled drummers."

For their 2003 show, 'The Elements,' the 45-member River City Regiment wore blue jackets and black pants with no hats. In 2004, the 36 corps members' show was 'Retrofit 2004.'

[Drum Corps World, June 24, 2002, p.5; Dave Strickler]

Members (17)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Collins, Bill Baritone 2003
Collins, Bill Brass instructor 2004
Daland, Serena Color Guard 2003 to 2005
Deltoro, Paul Baritone 2003
Downing, Brian Barifonium / Baritone 2005
Garcia, John Snareline 2003 to 2004
Garcia, John Bassline 2005 to 2006
Giles, Kelli Drum Major 2003
Hill, Jeff Mellophone 2004 to 2007
Hill, Matt soprano 2004 to 2005
Holmen, Julie pit, asst. drum major 2003
Jackson, Jeff Contra Bass 2006
Journey, Kim Guard 2002 to 2004
L, Tiffany Soprano 2005 to 2006
Piliotis, Mike Baritone 2004 to 2007
Rogers, Dave Mellophone 2003
Vargas, David Drumline/Tenors 2004

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River City Regiment

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