Cadets of Greece

Other Names:Greece Cadets; Shoreliners

Rochester, NY United States
Founded: 1950

Inactive Junior
Division II
1972 Black Saddle * By the Time I Get to Phoenix * Of Thee I Sing (from Of Thee I Sing) * March Stereo * Prelude in C Sharp * Yankee Doodle  
1975 201 71.350 (Repertoire not available)  
1976 44 58.800 (Repertoire not available)  
1978 22 72.050 Russian Easter Overture * Hill Where the Lord Hides * Get It On * Canon * Colour My World * Free  
1979 26 69.900 Selections from The Wiz  
1981 210 58.500 Moonlight Serenade * One O'Clock Jump (from Reveille with Beverly) * New York, New York (from On the Town) * Tiger of San Pedro  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

CORPS Photos

Representing Rochester, New York, the Cadets of Greece Drum & Bugle Corps was founded in 1963 with a handful of neighborhood youngsters from the Rochester suburb of Greece. The corps performed in local parades for many years before beginning field competition in the Penn-York circuit in 1971. The corps moved up competitively each year to capture the DCI "Class A" Championship and the U.S. Open "Class A" Championship in 1975. U.S. Open finalist (1977), and American International finalist (1977). The Cadets continued their climb, reaching the finals at DCI East in 1978 and Qualifying as an associate member of DCI in Denver. The corps has now progressed to the top corps in Upstate New York with membership spread among 25 high schools and colleges in the area.
Repertoire for 1979 will be "Theme from Superman," "To Much Heaven," "K-Gee Salsation-Saturday Night Fever," "He's the Wizard," and "Home." Instructional staff includes: Brass--Jerry Kelsey, Ron Bowks, Dave Firenzi, and Gary and Jeff Hobbs; Percussion--Steve Cage, Ray Bennett, Tom Fogarty, Dan Marone, and Jeff Hobbs; Show Design--Vince Monacelli; Drill--Dave McEneany, Doug Olin, Doug Way, and Jack Daly; Color Guard--Vince Coco; Color Guard Captain--Pam Fantone; Drum Majors--Amy Flick and Joe Guadagnino. Corps Director is Jim Fantone.
[From the 1979 US Open Program]
The Cadets of Greece had their only appearance in the DCI top 25 in 1978.

[DCW, 12/92, p.6]

Members (25)

Member Name Section Years Involved
ainsworth, rusty percussion 1967 to 1976
Beamish, Mark Hornline 1978 to 1981
Berthold, Bryan snare line 1978
Braund, Betsy Mellophone/French Horn 1974 to 1979
BUONAUGURIO, DAVID brass 1963 to 1965
Cook, Don Drum Line 1983
Corwin, Cindy Color Guard-Rifle Line 1971 to 1975
Cushman, Kristin Percussion 1979 to 1980
DiLigro, Cosmo Drum Line 1975 to 1976
Dohr, Don Horn Line 1976 to 1979
Edgar, Patty Brass and percussion 1978 to 1982
Elliott, Ray Baritone 1976
Hardy, Mark hornline 1970 to 1972
Jermyn, Keith Horn Line 1972 to 1975
Kausch Jr, David Percussion 1976 to 1979
mcnaughton, grace color guard 1975 to 1977
Moore, Warren Baritone Horn 1978 to 1982
Pakusch, Paul Percussion 1972 to 1976
Sharpe, Dave Hornline 1975 to 1981
Van Wie, Ginny Baritone 1978
Walter, Patty Color Guard/ Rifle 1969 to 1975
Wendel, Dave baritone 1979
Wendel, David Brass 1979
Winkelman, Carol Ann color guard 1963 to 1965
Wydra, Suzanne color guard - banner 1973 to 1975

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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Cadets of Greece

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