Dallas, TX United States
Founded: 2004

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Frontier Drum and Bugle Corps is an all age drum and bugle corps based in Dallas, Tx. Frontier operates under the umbrella of the Frontier Performing Arts Association (FPAA) that operates the drum corps, a winter guard, brass ensemble, and plans for a mini corps, cadet corps and various other performing ensembles. The corps was formed by Executive Director Chris Green. The corps began rehearsals in the fall of 2004 and competed during 2005 in its inaugural season.

The corps first two years found them competing with khaki pants and tops with a black belt and cross-belt. The look was reminiscent of the 27th Lancers. In 2006 Frontier debuts a new look and uniform. The corps was founded with and continues to perform with G Bugles in its horn line.

The corps drew on a large population of displaced drum corps veterans and many adults that were unable to march junior corps. The members came from the Dallas metro area and across Texas. The first several years saw the corps develop relationships with Roller Derby and Women’s professional football franchises. In the arts world, Frontier secured invitations from the world famous Turtle Creek Chorale men’s chorus to perform in numerous concerts and television broadcast opportunities. Members of the corps participated in a recording session and appear on a CD with the chorus and an award-winning documentary entitled “Power of Harmony.”

The corps continues to grow in size and mature in quality, while introducing Texas and the Dallas area to the concept of all age drum and bugle corps. Frontier is a charter member of DCA-Central and is working with organizations in Oklahoma and Louisiana to build all age drum corps in the south and southwest U.S.

[Submitted by Scott Wolfe - Nov 2006]

Members (37)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Appleby, Heather Cymbal Line/Staff 2005
Barger, Terry Soprano 2004
Barger, Terry Soprano 2005 to 2008
Blanchard-Modisette, Pat Colorguard 2005 to 2006
Blanchard-Modisette, Pat Drum Major 2007
Burnell, James Baritone 2007 to 2008
Campos, Paco Contra, Staff, Board, Founding Member 2005
Dheere, Jeff snare line 2006
Glover, Heather Pit 2006
Glover, Heather Baritone 2007
Green, Chris Executive Director/Founder 2004
Green, Chris Exec Dir/Brass Caption Head/Arranger/Program Coor. 2005
Green, Chris Exec Dir/Brass Caption Head/Program Coor. 2006
Green, Chris Exec Dir/Brass Caption Head/Program Coor./Arranger 2007
Green, Chris Exec Dir/Brass Caption Head/Arranger 2008
Gulick, Chad Mellophone 2005 to 2006
Jamilkowski, Bruce Front Ensemble 2005 to 2007
Jordan, Kevin Snare 2005 to 2006
Lynch, Lora Colorguard 2004
Lynch, Lora Colorguard 2004 to 2006
Lynch, Lora Colorguard 2004 to 2005
Payne, Jayson Administration, Co-Founder 2004
Payne, Jayson Baritone ('05) - Euphonium ('06 - present) 2005
rowland, jeff mellophone 2005
Seip, Dave Contrabass 2005
Severance, Steve Soprano 2005 to 2007
Shaw, Erick Contra 2004 to 2006
Shaw, Erick Euphonium 2007 to 2008
Stinyard, Leonard Baritone-06, DM-07 2006 to 2007
Taliaferro, Dennis Guard 2004 to 2022
Taliaferro, Dennis Guard 2004 to 2007
Tanner, Brandon Trumpet 2005
Torgerson, Chip Soprano 2006
Ward, Mike Baritone 2005
Wildrick, Erin Guard Tech 2006
Wolfe, Scott Euphonium 2005 to 2007
Young, Johnnie Percussion Staff 2004

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