Scenic City

Chattanooga, TN United States
Founded: 1998

Inactive Junior
Division III
1999 327 55.100 The History of Jazz - Africa * Batucka * Mandrill * Weekend in Monaco * When I Need You  
2000 331 42.200 Legends of Sleep Hollow - Main Title (from Sleepy Hollow) * Sweet Dreams (from Sleepy Hollow) * The Chase (from Sleepy Hollow) * A New Day (from Sleepy Hollow) * The End (from Sleepy Hollow)  
2001 311 74.400 Thank God for Kids! - ABC * Sesame Street * A Childhood Hymn * Linus and Lucy (from A Charlie Brown Christmas) * Thank God for Kids  
2002 310 76.850 Saturday in the Park - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? * Saturday in the Park * Colour My World * 25 or 6 to 4 * Anxiety's Moment * Make Me Smile * Beginnings * Call on Me * Caravan  
2003 317 68.950 RHYTHMS - Behind The Lines * My Head Sounds Like That * Droned * Land of Confusion  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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The Scenic City Drum and Bugle Corps, formed in 1997, is a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The corps was formed by London E. James, Derek Gray,and David Sharp, two corps veterans and a band director. They created the Chattanooga Drum and Bugle Corps Association to establish a base for operations as well as community support.

The organization performed a feasibility study that showed that within a two-hour radius of Chattanooga lay enough cities in enough states (Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina) to provide a solid source of corps members and support. The organization also wanted to make sure that all of the big-ticket items such as musical equipment, transportation, and uniforms could be purchased in the beginning before taking on the challenge of becoming a well recognized corps in the activity for the long haul.

Scenic City placed 11th in the 2001 DCI Division III Prelims, their best finish. They also received the Best Practice Award in the year 2000 for program development from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Secretary in Washington, D.C. In 2003, the 35-member corps finished 26th in DCI Division II/III Prelims.

The corps' uniforms are black and burgundy, with gold accents.

Scenic City did not compete in 2004.

[A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, 2002, inter alia]

Members (13)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Blevins, David Drumline 2001
Brewster, NaTasha Color Guard 1998 to 2000
carr, christopher Drumline 2003
Crook, Brad Front Ensemble 2003
Crook, Bradley Front Ensemble 2003
Gilliam, Cody Drum Major 1999 to 2000
LaVine, Brad PIT FREAK 2001
Maier, Jason Colorguard Caption Head/Staff 2002
McCarter, Amanda Color Guard 2001
Thompson, Josh Baritone 2002
Ware, Kristan Visual Caption Head (Staff) 2003
Westra, Casey Transportation 1999 to 2005
White, Mike Frontline 2002

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Scenic City

Scenic City from the Bill Ives Collection
Scenic City

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