Teal Sound

Jacksonville, FL United States
Founded: 1999

Inactive Junior
World Class
1999 208 76.700 The Boogie Bumper * Swing Street * War In Tunisia * Intro to Amen * Go Daddy-O!  
2000 308 81.700 Music of Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman * Oye Como Va * Se a Cabo * Primavera * (Da Le) Yaleo  
2001 307 79.350 S&M: Symphony and Metallica - The Ecstasy of Gold * For Whom the Bell Tolls * One * Enter Sandman  
2002 313 73.500 Music of the Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies * #41 * Satellite * Space Between * Drive In, Drive Out  
2003 307 80.000 ab aeterno - Firebird Suite * Liturgical Dances  
2004 303 84.200 Delusions: The music of Dream Theater - Metropolis Part I: The Sleeper and the Miracle * Goodnight Kiss V * Dance of Eternity * Overture I  
2005 204 93.125 Firestorm - Fire Starter (from Firestorm) * Ring of Fire (from Firestorm) * Rekindling of the Fire (from Firestorm) * The Firestorm (from Firestorm)  
2006 209 80.700 Pieces of A Dream - The Spark * The Right Pieces * Adversity * Realization of A Dream  
2007 203 92.050 Voices of the Sun: The Music of Rajaton - Sunrise: Sydan Ei Vastaa * Morning Rush: You Can't Stop Me Now * Midday Heat: Weary in Well-Doing * Eventide: Poison Tree * Sunset: Butterfly  
2008 205 92.775 Voices of the Seasons - Music by Rajaton  
2009 204 91.250 The Velvet Rope - Music of Janet Jackson * Music of Coldplay * Music of Blue Man Group * Music of Justin Timberlake * Music of Christina Aguilera  
2010 20 77.800 In the Presence of Enemies - Octavarium * In the Presence of Enemies Part 1 * Ra * Feeding The Wheel * Goodnight Kiss * The Running Free  
2011 20 75.750 Sinvitation 7 - Judith * Weak and Powerless * Money for Nothing * Money * Music from Scrooged * Sin of Pride * Gluttony * Sloth * 160 BPM from Angels and Demons  
2012 CircO: Circus for a Modern World - Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * La Habanera (from Carmen) * Entry of the Gladiators (aka Thunder and Blazes)  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.
In 1983 approximately 250 kids turned out in a Jacksonville, Florida, park in hopes of forming a community-based drum and bugle corps. The event was entirely orchestrated by three high school students with a burning desire to bring drum corps to their city. With fliers in hand the teenage corps founders took to the streets and put the word out. The idea spread like wildfire, and on audition day over 200 young corps hopefuls filled a city park with band instruments, as they did not have bugles. After a couple of rehearsals, however, the three students realized they lacked the needed funds and experience to make their dream a reality. They tucked that dream away, but it did not die.

In 1998, two of the original three, Michael Butler and Danny Clark, picked up where they had left off in 1983. The ball started rolling for the north Florida corps, now known as the Teal Sound, in March of 1998. Support for Teal Sound came from the Jacksonville Housing Authority. Nations Bank graciously awarded Teal Sound its very first grant, which resulted in enough funding for the corps to purchase percussion equipment for the battery along with some contra bass and soprano horns. The Jacksonville Cultural Council and Jacksonville Community Foundation also came through with financial support. Jacksonville's own NFL franchise agreed to allow the Teal Sound to perform during halftime in the 1999 season and also offered financial assistance through the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation. The 21st Century Drum and Bugle Corps Foundation pulled through for Teal Sound by donating uniforms and by helping to supply the corps with bugles for its inaugural season. Even many of the area band directors jumped in to lend their support.

In 1998 and early 1999, Michael Butler and Danny Clark gave presentations to high school students across north Florida and southeast Georgia, to educate students about the activity in general and to recruit prospective members. A drum corps representative had never visited most of these schools, and the visits alone made the dream of participation more realistic. Teal Sound received an enormous response from interested participants. When open auditions were held on January 23, 1999, over 120 hopefuls attended.

Initially Teal Sound did not even expect to tour in 1999, intending only to go out for exhibition as a Division III corps. Because of the bright financial situation, however, a limited tour as a Division III corps became feasible and beneficial for its members.

On July 23rd 1999, after six months of weekend rehearsals, the members and staff of Teal Sound boarded busses and headed for Brunswick, Georgia, for a final week of everyday rehearsals before embarking on a two-week tour up the east coast, into Canada, and finally to Madison, Wisconsin. The corps placed ninth out of 12 Division III units. This was an unbelievable feat for a first year corps that had not even planned to tour.

After the resounding first year success, Teal pushed into its second year with a challenging Latin show featuring the music of Carlos Santana. As the corps geared up for its second touring season, some decisions were taken to ensure the corps' longevity in the drum corps activity. One of those decisions was to reduce the number of marching members and compete as a Division III corps. This path would allow the corps to remain financially stable as it moved towards its third year, while also permitting the organization to develop partnerships with the parents and schools by establishing minimum grade point average levels for participation.

Sporting new uniforms and a new look for its guard, Teal hit the road again, this time expanding its competitive season to two separate tours. When all was said and done, the Teal Sound placed eighth out of 32 Division III corps, less than one point out of Finals! Not bad for a two year old!

In its third year, 2001, Teal once again chose to tour with a show that was both musically and visually challenging to the members, performing the music of Metallica. The concept for the show came from an unlikely collaboration between rock icon Metallica, renowned composer Michael Kamen, and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. This adaptation of the collaboration to the drum corps idiom was a success. The corps placed in Finals at every focus show they attended, and after only three short years of existence, Teal Sound broke into Finals at the DCI Division III World Championships with a seventh-place finish.

In 2002, the organization remained focused on challenging its members and being crowd pleasers, while pushing the envelope in its creative program. The corps chose the music of the Dave Matthews band for its musical repertoire.
The corps experienced a challenging tour season, but managed to win top honors at the Summer Smiles Drum & Bugle Corps competition in Knox, Pennsylvania, and make finals at the Canadian Open. Teal Sound completed the 2002 season with an 11th place finish DCI Division III World Championships, 13th internationally.

The 2003 Teal Sound finished 16th in combined Division II/III Prelims with their show 'ab aeterno.' The corps moved up substantially in 2004, taking 12th in Division II/III Finals with an offering called 'Delusions: The Music of Dream Theatre.'


Members (37)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Barr, Mike Soprano 2002
Barr, Mike Soprano 2002
Bischoff, Nick Euphonium 2005 to 2006
Bovinette, John Soprano 1999 to 2000
Bovinette, John Soprano 1999 to 2000
Caraway, Jessica Colorguard 1999 to 2000
Childs, Chris snare 2004
Cook, Brian Brass Staff 1999
Counts, Selicia Colorguard 2005
De Jesus, Gabriel Lead Trumpet 2003 to 2005
Diehl, Jason "JD" Visual Staff 2007 to 2008
Ehrlich, Sam Flugelhorn 2008
Ellis, Chad Euph/baritone 2003 to 2005
Fecteau, stephen Baritone 2001 to 2002
Gissiner, Mandi Guard 2002 to 2004
Gissiner, Peter Contra, bari 2001 to 2004
Gissiner, Peter Contra, Bari 2001 to 2004
Golding, Nicholas Brass Composer 2006
Ikram, Naveed battery 2003
Jacobs, Matt Drum Major 1999
Kaye, Alec Euphonium 2010 to 2011
Kegley, Josh Flugelhorn 2007
Knight, Teal Snare 2005
Krystofiak, Rick Guard 1999
Lugo, Chris Baritone 1999 to 2000
Mann, Ian Front Ensemble 2011
Maxson, Jr., Craig Mellophone 2003
Merchant, Wil Trumpet/Soprano 2012
Monds, Justin Soprano 2003
Murray, Lindsay Mello 2003 to 2004
Nobles, Krystyna Mellophone 2004
Oakes, Jacob Trumpet 2010
Reeves, Katie Colorguard 2002
Slauson, Ryann Front Ensemble 2002 to 2003
Thomas, Rosa Colorguard 2005
Walker, Justin Soprano 2001 to 2003
Waters, Bridget Mellophone (03), Colorguard (04) 2003 to 2004

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