Limited Edition

Columbus, OH United States
Founded: 1988

Inactive Junior
Division II/III

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The Limited Edition Drum & Bugle Corps, Central Ohio's musical ambassadors and Drum Corps midwest 1991 Division II champions will entertain audiences across the country with its exciting Broadway style and hopes to create a visually pleasing and musically exciting show for you by providing a straight-forward approach to the Drum Corps arena.
The Limited Edition Drum & Bugle Corps of Columbus, Ohio was formed in the fall of 1987 and took the field for its premiere season during the summer of 1988. During the summer of 1989 Limited Edition finished second in Division II competition at the Drum Corps Midwest Championships. The Corps also finished second in Class A competition at the Drum Corps International World Championships. The Corps also advanced to Open Class Competition at the World Championships and became a top twenty-five Corps in Open Class Competition.
Limited Edition is under the direction of Mark Holm and is led on the field by conductor Mike Brendle. Brass arrangements by Jerry Kelsey, Percussion arrangements by Chris Thompson, Drill Design by Bosco Brown and Color Guard choreographed by Michael James.
Brass instructors include: Bill Durst, Caption Head; Stephanie Furniss, Keith McKeachie and Jerry Kelsey. Percussion instructors include: Dave Mace, Caption Head; Jon Merritt, Rick Bays. Color Guard instructors include: Michael James, Caption Head; and Laurel Flored. Marching instructors include: Larry Hyme, Stephanie Furniss, Keith McKeachie and Bosco Brown.
[From the 1992 Saginaw,MI Drums Across The Valley Program]

Members (20)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Ackerman, Andrew Baritone 1990 to 1991
Baker, Bill Bass Line 1989
Cancio, Kenneth Soprano 1990 to 1991
Gropp, Brian Cymbals 1992
Groves, Steven Contra 1991 to 1992
Imhoff, Christopher Contra Line 1989 to 1992
Johnson, Charles Tour Staff 1988 to 1991
Lilly, James Mellophone 1992
Lilly, Michael Baritone 1992
Miller, Dennis Soprano 1988 to 1989
Myers, Ben Bass Line 1992
Osborne, Allen Percussion(Snare) 1989 to 1990
Panek, Matt Baritone 1992
Perkins, Brad soprano 1991 to 1992
Reardon, John Bass Line 1991
Redman, Michael Percussion 1989
ryan, michael staff 1988 to 1989
Smith, Robert Soprano 1989
Smith, Robert Soprano 1989
Vega, Angelina Backfield Commander 1996

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Limited Edition

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Limited Edition

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