Murray, KY United States
Founded: 2002

Inactive Junior
Division III
2003 Darkness At Noon - The Legend of Bafe * Liturgical Dances  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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Eklipse is a new junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. In its charter 2003 year, the drum corps was spawned from the two very successful programs under the Eklipse organization: the Winter Drumline and the Winter Color Guard.

The corps calls Murray State University home, and most practices and camps take place on the MSU campus.

The corps competed in the Midwest summer circuit as a Division II corps from June 20th to July 13th. They also planned to compete in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

Eklipse has an exceptional array of experienced staff, who all have been involved with the marching arts for years. The youth involved are learning not only how to better control their instrument, but leadership skills, patience, tolerance, and respect for tradition.

In their very first show, on June 21, 2003, in Louisville, Kentucky, Eclipse finished second in Division III competition, with a score of 52.05.

The corps did not compete in 2004.

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Members (8)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Anderson, Eric Soprano 2003
Hamilton, Lori Baritone 2003
Lambert, Sabrina PIT 2004
Robinson, T.J. Mellophone 2003
Rogers, Brandon color guard 2003
Rogers, Kyle Bass 2003
Uber, Ross Mellophone 2003
White, Brett Baritone 2003
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