Braintree Warriors

Braintree, MA United States
Founded: 1943

Inactive Junior
1958 California Here I Come * God Bless America (from This Is the Army) * Stars and Stripes Forever * Chanson d'Amour * Embraceable You * 76 Trombones (from The Music Man) * Me And My Shadow  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.
The Braintree Warriors was a junior marching and maneuvering drum corps based in Braintree, Massachusetts.

The corps was founded in 1943 as the Penniman School Drum and Bugle Corps. In 1951 the name became the Braintree Drum and Bugle Corps, and the corps began competing in the Eastern Massachusetts Circuit. At the time Braintree was the only corps in the greater Boston area not affiliated with the Catholic Church, and as such could not compete in the large CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) circuit.

In 1953 the corps won the Class B championship in the Eastern Massachusetts Circuit, the equivalent of today's Division II. Circuit rules required that champions move up to Class A, so the corps entered the big leagues in 1954, adopting the name "Warriors" at the same time.

After several years of indifferent results, success began became more regular in 1958 and continued through 1960. During those three years the corps was very competitve.

Four trips to national competition produced a 17th place finish at the American Legion Nationals in 1954; a sixth place at the VFW Nationals in 1955; an 18th at American Legion Nationals in 1957, and in the dungeons at American Legion Nationals in 1967.

The corps experienced a steady decline in quality and interest after these years of success, attributed by some to unfortunate management practices. The Braintree Warriors disbanded in 1972.

Even in bad times, the Warriors' drumline was a positive feature. The corps' drum quartet went undefeated for many years.


From Robert Schrader: In 1954, as a member of the Braintree Warrior Drum & Bugle Corp, Braintree Massachusetts, I won the American Legion Individual Soprano Championship, playing the William Tell Overture at the outside lawn. I remember Darcey Davis as being one of the judges of the contest. Additionally, in another contest in New York at a later date (unfortunately I cannot recall the date) I was the "G" bugle champion.

[Robert Schrader March 2015]

Members (2)

Member Name Section Years Involved
KELLY , DAVID DRUM LINE 1968 to 1972
Kelly, Dan Horn line 1960 to 1962

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Braintree Warriors

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