4e Brigade

Other Names: Merger Laurentiens Fantaisistes and Mousquetaires

St. Jerome, QC Canada
Founded: 1971

Inactive Junior
Division I

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4e Brigade drum and bugle corps was formed through a merger between the Laurentiens Fantaisistes and the Mousquetaires in the fall of 1970.

more than 100 members and solid staff including Jacques Dupras, Gilles Beauchamp and Michel Pilon, along with experience acquired from the merger, the corps was well positioned for future success.  The Brigade was one of the most innovative musical corps in Québec at the time.

In their inaugural season, they participated in the “Class B” division at the Canadian Nationals, finishing in 6
th place.

The following season, the corps competed extensively with a return to the “Class B” division at the Canadian Nationals, earning a 3
rd place finalist spot, the Drum Corps Canada championships with an 8th place finish, crowned the Central Canada Circuit champions and finally a 2nd place finish at the FAMQ “Class A” championships. In 1973, 4e Brigade entered the World Open “Class A” division and finished with an impressive 14th place and capped off their season with the FAMQ “Class A” championship trophy.

The corps returned once again to the World Open in 1974, finishing in 21
st position and successfully defended their FAMQ title.

In 1975,
due to a lack of financial resources in maintaining a significant staff budget, the corps remained active before merging with the Vaneck from Répentigny in the fall of 1975 to form the 4e Brigade Vaneck.

Paul Legault (DCX)

Members (2)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Lévis, André Mello/Soprano 1971 to 1975
Lévis, André Mello - soprano 1971 to 1974
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