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Corps Name Year Song Composer
Norwood Park Imperials 1963 Ol' Man River (Reprise) Jerome Kern | Oscar Hammerstein II
Norwood Park Imperials 1964 Ol' Man River (Reprise) Jerome Kern | Oscar Hammerstein II
Pittsburgh Rockets 1973 Theme (from Patton) - Reprise Jerry Goldsmith
Yankee Rebels 1975 Requiem For An Era (Reprise) Truman Crawford
Norwood Park Imperials 1976 Battle Hymn reprise Traditional collected by William Steffe | adapted by Julia Ward Howe
Baltimore Southwind 1977 Primal Scream (Reprise) Maynard Ferguson
Golden Knights 1977 Spanish Rogue - Reprise Bob Bunce
Archer-Epler Musketeers 1983 Camelot Reprise (from Camelot) Frederick Loewe
Colts 1987 Fievel's Reprise (from Fievel Goes West) James Horner
Reading Buccaneers 1990 Batman Theme Reprise (from Batman) Danny Elfman
Colts 1992 Reprise Chuck Naffier
Colts 1993 Reprise Chuck Naffier
Bushwackers 1994 What's This? Reprise (from Nightmare before Christmas) Danny Elfman
Colts 1994 Reprise 1994 Chuck Naffier
Bluecoats 1996 Auld Lang Syne (reprise) Traditional | Robert Burns
Cadets of Dutch Boy 1996 Love For Sale (Reprise) Cole Porter
Crusaders Sr. Corps 1999 Conquest - Reprise (from Captain From Castile) Alfred Newman
Conquistadors Sr 2000 Santorini (Reprise) Yiannis Chryssomallis
Minnesota Brass 2000 Make Me Smile (reprise) James Pankow
Yankee Rebels Alumni 2000 Battle Hymn of the Republic (Reprise) Traditional collected by William Steffe | adapted by Julia Ward Howe
Minnesota Brass 2001 Dr. No (Reprise) Monty Norman
Northwest Venture 2001 Malaguena - Reprise Ernesto Lecuona
Colt Cadets 2002 Reprise Ted Reicher
Gulf Coast Sound Sr 2003 What Is Hip (Reprise) Emilio Castillo | Stephen Kupka | David Garibaldi
NY Penn Knights 2003 Harlem Reprise Ending
The Brigadiers 2003 Tommy Reprise
Colt Cadets 2004 It's the Reprise, Charlie Brown (from Snoopy, the Musical) Larry, Hackady, Hal Grossman
Troopers 2009 West Side Story Reprise Leonard Bernstein
Prairie Sound 2010 Cowtown Reprise Larry Hols
7th Regiment 2011 Creep (reprise) Thom Yorke | Jonny Greenwood | Colin Greenwood | Ed O'Brien | Phil Selway | Albert Hammond | Hazlewo
Mon Valley Express 2015 America The Beautiful (Reprise) Samuel A. Ward | Katharine Lee Bates
Cincinnati Tradition 2017 Don't Give Up (Reprise) Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
Blue Stars 2019 The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise) Frode Fjellheim | Christophe Beck