• DCX - A Wonderful Idea

    Dave Borck

    July 29, 2017

    What a wonderful idea!  This will help preserve drum corps history, show the development of the activity over the years and recognize many individual corps.
    Many corps have no physical, public site for storage and display of their memorabilia, histories and memories. DCX will provide that and give valuable publicity, awareness and access -- both digitally and with on-site displays and exhibits.
    Bill Ives and his team should be commended for the invaluable work they have done to create a drum corps museum. Steve Vickers and Chris Maher should also be commended for working so diligently, with DCI, DCA and others, to create DCX.
    The plan is solid: DCI support on their Web site, Bill Ives and his physical archive and displays, the Internet blog for public comments and personal stories, and publicity via Drum Corps World!
    This seems like a great beginning and we can look forward to an exciting debut at DCI this year. Some possible idea for the future:
    1. Ask for more volunteers to assist at events, blog maintenance, etc.
    2. Consider regional displays (when volunteers and time permit).  For example: the annual Chicago area drum corps alumni picnic, G.A.S. Reunion, DCA and DCI Championships and major regional shows.
    3. Add a list of past drum corps champions (both junior and senior) . . . American Legion, VFW, DCA, DCI.  Perhaps add recaps from nationals when available.

    Dave Borck
    Former member of the Norwood Park Imperials
    Past DCI percussion judge
    Arlington Heights, IL
    June 2017