• A Remarkable Journey

    Steve Rondinaro

    July 31, 2017

    It is a remarkable journey to start down the virtual hallways of this evolving DCX portal.  What a history we have had!  And what a wonderful thing to have it chronicled in this way for all to share.

    The history of my beloved Watkins Glen Squires (population 2,700) is there for any who care to read it.  Start marching at age 10 when the corps started and age out with the same corps?  How often does that happen these days?  Several of us did it.  Going from dead last in New York to multi-time state champions?  And that’s just our story.  There are so many more that can now be preserved and accessed instantly with the flick of a key.

    I can see that we have some blanks to fill in with the Florida Wave chapter (We set a DCI record.) but that’s the beauty of this “living” digital format.  It’s always evolving and growing.  We can constantly contribute to it and fill in blanks.

    Sincere thanks to those who have championed this effort and worked so hard to make DCX a reality.  It will take a financial and time commitment to keep it going and make it all that it can be… but it’s off to a great start.

    Now let me tell you a few stories about the evolution of the DCI TV broadcasts…

    Steve Rondinaro